Longarone, 3 October 2017 – The lights are on and the stage is warming, ready to host the first ceremony-event led by Red Canzian, the well-known singer from the most famous Italian musical band ever, Pooh. On the podium are the most deserving children of De Rigo Vision and De Rigo Refrigeration employees, who will receive a prize for academic achievement.

This initiative is one of the Social Responsibility projects that the Group is developing to support its employees. The call for applications (which ended on 28 July 2017) was reserved for university and secondary school students. Specifically, the best academically performing and most promising students were awarded cash prizes in order to contribute to supporting their education.

The meeting will be the ideal occasion to discuss, together, the importance of working hard to achieve results through a speech that the Pooh singer and bass player will deliver, inspiring the audience with stories and tales that will capture and move everyone.  “My story is one of a boy who made it because I always felt the duty to dream and to fight to protect my dreams,” commented Red Canzian. “This boy believed in team work and knew how to put the good of the group before the urge to achieve fame for himself alone…”

The prizes for academic achievement were awarded to all the students who met the requirements listed in the award regulations. The requirements were not just the results of the current academic year - they included achieving excellent results during the students’ entire academic career. For university students, this meant a high average of exam marks and passing exams at the prescribed time. Secondary school students were expected to not have repeated any school years and have obtained excellent marks in their assessments.

In addition to Red Canzian and the De Rigo family, the enthusiastic participants of the event included the top management of the De Rigo Group, Luca Barbini and Andrea Ferrazzi (respectively the chairman and the manager of the Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti industrial confederation). There were many representatives of local authorities among the audience, to bear witness to the fact that these young people represent the future for a region that all Italy can be proud of. 

“Businesses need educated and passionate young people who are visionaries. They are the ones who bring the future into company organisations”, commented the chairman Ennio De Rigo. “This event, now at its seventh edition, confirms the commitment our Group has made to the children of our employees. It is a deeply-felt ceremony in which everyone is in a festive mood. This year we decided to turn it into a true event open to everyone in the Civic Theatre in Belluno, with the participation of Red Canzian, a person whose story of passion and determination can be an example to the many young people present here.”

Many family members of the young people attended and filled the entire Civic Theatre in Belluno. It is an important and significant signal of how much this initiative is a time to celebrate - for employees as much as for the company’s top management. It is yet another occasion in which the strength of the Group’s spirit and the tight bond linking all the company members are clearly evident.

Below is the list of winners of the scholarships for university.

  • Alfieri Giorgia
  • Arland Silvio
  • Bica Giulia
  • Bolzan Filippo
  • Bonan Matteo
  • Chergui Simone
  • Dallafina Gianluca
  • Dall'Asen Nicola
  • Dall'O' Ylenia
  • De Gol Laura
  • Guarneri Theo
  • Naldo Andrea
  • Pagno Giorgia
  • Quarzago Lorenzo
  • Roldo Eleonora
  • Rossetto Sara
  • Sogne Alessia
  • Zandanel Marika


Below is the list of scholarship winners from secondary school.

  • Allegri Matteo
  • Baldissarutti Luca
  • Bortoluzzi Linda
  • Bortot Rachele
  • Cappelletto Pablo Luis
  • Chiocchi Marta
  • Curtol Chiara
  • Dal Farra Angelica
  • Dal Magro Edoardo
  • Dallafina Chiara
  • David Michelle
  • De Carlo Eleonora
  • De March Ivan
  • De Min Lisa
  • De Paoli Anna
  • Della Valentina Paolo
  • Fiorin Gabriele
  • Franco Martina
  • Lazzaroni Matilde
  • Levis Giulia
  • Losso Chiara
  • Martini Susy
  • Messina Elisa
  • Nard Martina
  • Pierobon Mattia
  • Praloran Daniel
  • Quarzago Beatrice
  • Ronzon Olesia
  • Savi Aurora
  • Scalon Davide
  • Scapolan Tania
  • Susana Giulia Maria
  • Susanna Elisa
  • Vedana Filippo
  • Zanivan Eleonora
  • Zoldan Alessia


Out of the 54 winners, 44 are the children of De Rigo Vision employees and 10 of the De Rigo Refrigeration employees.

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