“THE PORTRAIT OF DREAMS - A journey into real beauty”

Yalea unveils the innovative campaign by photographer Mihaela Noroc

The new campaign of Yalea, house brand of the De Rigo Group, is destined to be noticed and become a talking point. “THE PORTRAIT OF DREAMS - A journey into real beauty” is a courageous and unconventional campaign that, in line with the brand's philosophy, chooses to make 43 extraordinary women its protagonists, through the images shot by Mihaela Noroc, Romanian photographer famous for her photographic project "The Atlas of Beauty".

Noroc was a natural choice for Yalea: her ability to capture the revealing details of her subjects' personalities and her focus on genuine beauty fit perfectly with the brand's values and desire to represent and narrate spontaneous and authentic femininity.

Noroc focused her gaze - or rather, her lens - on these women, capturing their real and natural expressions and going 'beyond the usual female stereotypes'.

The important collaboration between the artist and Yalea is the result of a common desire to give voice to the real stories and dreams of these unique women, a true example of female empowerment around the world.

A glorious, exciting journey from Europe to the United States, passing through 9 countries and 13 cities, to discover the different faces of beauty, related through the dreams, lives and achievements of exceptional testimonials.

Powerful stories, real smiles, sweetness and determination. Women of different ages, nationalities and professions, who do not know each other and have never met, but who are united by a common vision: every woman has the right to take exactly the place she aspires to in the world, every single day. As Caterina Bianchi, soloist at La Scala in Milan, and one of the protagonists of the campaign, says: “Today I look back with pride at that little girl who, at the age of 10, moved here alone, to follow her light. The same light that has always confirmed to me that you can get to the top without stepping on anyone. Remain kind, work hard, get excited”.

Hers is the first of a series of incredible frames interpreting the mood, soul and style of Yalea through individual portraits, where the protagonists show and tell themselves as they are, with no frills, simply showing their natural femininity that makes them unique, each one with her own special beauty. Each week the campaign will reveal the face of a new woman, telling her story and discovering her authentic beauty. The first four 'Portraits of Dreams' to be presented will be those of Nicole Vindel, food designer and artist from Barcelona; Pauline Grisoni, Parisian journalist and podcaster; Karen Williams, model and empowered aging ambassador from New York; Caterina Bianchi, soloist at La Scala in Milan.

With the campaign 'THE PORTRAIT OF DREAMS - A journey into real beauty', Yalea reconfirms its commitment to women by supporting their freedom of choice, fostering their talent and rewarding their personal beauty.

The new campaign will be on-air on, on the brand's social profiles and in all selected shops globally from September 2023.