Ennio De Rigo and Emiliana De Meio as sole shareholders at the Group’s helm.

A success story for over fifty years that is renewed today with a change in corporate structure.

Following a lengthy negotiation process, the De Rigo Holding shareholders have in fact deliberated and approved a share purchase plan, which sees Roberto and Giorgio De Rigo transfer their own shares - representing 50% of the company's capital - to De Rigo Holding.

Ennio De Rigo and Emiliana De Meio thus remain sole shareholders of both the company and the Group. The operation was financed in part with De Rigo Holding's own resources and in part with De Rigo S.p.A. dividends.

Ennio De Rigo, President of the De Rigo Group, commented as follows: “It was a transition managed with a real sense of serenity for all the parties involved, since the common goal was for everyone to make the most of an extraordinary adventure that began more than half a century ago. My wife Emiliana and I are honoured to be able to continue leading the Group as sole shareholders. A truly satisfying result that enables us to provide continuity in terms of the investments made over the years for and within the territory, guaranteeing the Group’s stability. Our desire is to continue with renewed commitment and enthusiasm in the development of the various business areas our companies operate in”.

Shareholders Ennio De Rigo and Emiliana De Meio were assisted throughout this corporate re-structuring by the Chiomenti Law Firm and financial advisor, Cassiopea Partners.