Authenticity, tradition and innovation are the hallmarks of Lozza's history and the success that has transformed this brand into an international expression of style and passion. For over 145 years, Lozza has been handing down the exquisite flair and expert craftsmanship of Italian culture through the generations, in a fusion of past and future that results in iconic creations.

LOZZA ARTE was one of the outcomes inspired by this principle, a special project that reworks the brand's DNA: history, elegance and innovation, but above all style, characteristics that have made Lozza the expression of the finest Italian quality.

Applying these concepts of infinitesimal refinement to a product is no easy task. But the characteristics of LOZZA ARTE are all about details, such as the interplays of light and reflections created by the facets of the frames or the decoration inside the temples, created exclusively for this collection. All unique elements that ultimately gave rise to an innovative, highly distinctive aesthetic.

The collection is divided into two families, Arpeggio and Adagio, names inspired by the world of Italian Opera, with eight unique designs, six prescription glasses and two sunglasses. All custodians of a savoir-faire imbued with exquisite craftsmanship and modern technology to create a proposal that fully represents the excellence of Made In Italy.  A focus on technical details is combined with refined stylistic research. The eight styles stand out for a series of small but important details such as the exclusive riveted 5-joint hinges and the five-line trim at the temple tips, which make the LOZZA ARTE collection capable of satisfying the most demanding personalities, thanks to its sober yet sophisticated lines.

The logo has been graphically reinterpreted to emphasise the exclusivity of the LOZZA ARTE line, with the date 1878 tilting the number 8 to resemble the symbol of infinity, while the three-dimensional monogram on the front of the glasses is a seal of authenticity and prestige, recognisable worldwide. The packaging is also different, dressing the cases in elegant green velvet to emphasise the brand's dedication to style.

Lozza’s interest in spirits endowed with creative will inspired the brand to forge an alliance with the art world. Hence the meeting with artist Luigi Masecchia, who crafts his works using recycled metal caps. He reinterpreted an illustration with the iconic 1950s logo for LOZZA ARTE. For this project, the artist used 1600 metal caps, and was supported by 14 young people with disabilities who are members of his non-profit association TAPPOS, founded to promote and support creativity, respect for the environment and social reintegration. The work will be displayed at the points of sale of the LOZZA ARTE collection as a manifesto of the project's exclusivity, with each copy numbered and signed by the artist.

For Lozza, innovation means elevating its savoir-faire in a genuine and authentic, natural yet modern way. It means exploring new frontiers of style without ever forgetting one's own history.