In the year of its 40th anniversary, the iconic De Rigo house brand re-defines and breaks the rules to embrace a new concept of masculinity

The new re-positioning project of the Police lifestyle brand stems from the desire to champion the current values associated with masculinity and open this up to new generations, accustomed to considering the male figure in a more liberal and less stereotyped way. Without, however, forgetting the ‘brand lovers’ who - since the 1980s - have recognised themselves in the brand's campaigns, testimonials and products.

Thus, the new strategic ‘Audacity Wanted’ global positioning makes its debut, so as to embrace a new concept of masculinity.

An evolving interpretation of masculinity
The ‘new’ Police bears witness to the evolution of the male universe. The traditional imagery of the ‘man’ undergoes a process of re-definition, in favour of a liberal and positive manifestation of masculinity. Progress that encourages and invites men to explore their own gender to find personal meaning.
That of masculinity thus becomes a new world, in which the man who is ‘not afraid of anything’ finds himself vulnerable, empathetic, proudly outside the box and creative.

Audacity Wanted
With these strategic premises, and in a competitive arena in which many brands still represent ‘the man who never need ask’, Police has chosen a positioning that re-writes the rules, narrating the concept of courage in terms of the freedom to express oneself. Audacity Wanted becomes a call to action for the contemporary man to liberate himself, to get out of his comfort zone and show all his different sides, with the audacity that has always distinguished the Police man.
A concept that Lewis Hamilton and George Russell - Police brand ambassadors for 2023 - are also spokespersons for.

Police Campaign
To launch the new positioning on a grand scale, the De Rigo house brand, together with Leagas Delaney, has created an integrated campaign dedicated to the SS23 collection for eyewear and accessories. The campaign was launched globally via various different channels (point-of-sale materials, billboards, digital and social media) and consists of a video-manifesto and lifestyle photographic shots portraying the audacious protagonists of the campaign with the products from the new collection.

The campaign was developed in collaboration with the Withstand production house and entrusted to talented photographer Francesco Bonasia, already author of campaigns for several prestigious fashion brands.