The De Rigo product

From the hands of our master craftsmen to your own.

Our creations are recognisable by their very essence: they represent an accomplished combination in which forms, materials and colours are shaped by the skilful hands of master craftsmen, so as to integrate them into state-of-the-art production processes. 

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Behind every single pair of glasses lies a story characterised by a wealth of knowledge, expert hands and captivating phases. It all begins with an idea that is made concrete. From a unique piece crafted by hand by our skilled artisans, the glasses are then developed affording the utmost care and attention to each production stage. Quality is what sets us apart. A far-reaching global distribution network is our strength. We are proud to be chosen by thousands of customers each and every year.

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“Coming up with new ideas on a day-to-day basis is inspiring. The challenge is finding the right balance between passion and creativity, attention to detail and overall vision. Only in this way, can original ideas be transformed into prosperous projects”.  Enrico, Creative Director

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“When I design a pair of glasses, I always try to communicate an emotion, to create a product in which comfort, technology and aesthetics come together to make the wearer feel good”.  Alessandra, Senior Designer

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"The prototypist is a craftsman to all intents and purposes. Thanks to their dexterity and expertise in the use of work tools, they are able to transform the designer's idea into a physical object”. Massimo, Head of Prototyping

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"Technical competence, passion and dexterity are the essence of a job that is most certainly facilitated by technologies, but which requires the human element to make the difference". Michele, Head of Production

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"Adherence to the company's technical-quality standards and compliance with international safety regulations are - for our part - essential conditions.  We have our customers’ vision at heart!”. Nicola, Technical Director

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“Logistics is a complex yet intriguing world. The efficacy of every stage - from procurement to storage and distribution - is closely and continuously monitored. Meeting the needs of our customers is a challenge that we rise to each and every day with both dynamism and flexibility". Elisabetta, Logistics Director


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