Essilor Group and General Optica enter a strategic Alliance that enhances their core business.

Essilor Group and General Optica enter a strategic Alliance that enhances their core business.

General Optica delegates workshop and logistics activities to Essilor

  • In incorporating workshop activities, the Essilor Group enhances their service offer to the optical industry in Spain, expanding the services of lens beveling and glass assembly for their clients.

  • General Optica, in turn, bets on specializing in the commercial area, focusing on the visual and auditory health of their clients and granting them the best possible service and a personalized attention.

  • The subrogation agreement materializes in the purchase of the workshop and logistics activities, not affecting the operations of the entities that remain independent.

February 18th 2014. General Optica delegates to the Essilor Group, the world leader in ophthalmic lenses, the assembly and logistics activities that General Optica has been carrying out to date in the premises located on Pujades street, in Barcelona, and which provide beveling and assembly services to the 250 optician's that make part of the chain.

The transfer of such activity, conducted under the regulations of Art.44 of the Labour Act, entails the continuity of the existing services as a logistics and assembly center, as well as the subrogation of the contracts of the one hundred employees currently working in it. Thus, the Essilor Group incorporates to its staff a team of professionals with extensive experience in lens beveling and assembly, as well as in logistics, and the continuity and smooth operation of the center is assured.

In addition to the purchase of the manufacturing and logistics activities, another point of the alliance is that the Essilor Group shall provide support to the processes of continuing education that General Optica designs annually, with the aim of strengthening the quality of the service provided to their customers in Spain and Portugal.

The Essilor Group, specialist and leader in the optical industry, will optimize their manufacturing and logistics field, offering value-added services to their customers, professional optical retailers, and allowing them to focus all their efforts and dedication in the direct service to the end customer.

In the words of Ernesto Díaz, Director General of the Essilor Group Spain: "With this agreement the Essilor Group will have access to a high quality production center, allowing us to offer a wider range of logistics, inventory management and assembly comprehensive services to the Spanish market."

In turn, with this step General Optica, the leading chain in the Spanish optical retail sector, concentrates its resources more efficiently, focusing on its core business of advisory on visual and auditory health, while ensuring the integration of the team of workers of the Pujades center into a solid organization with a good prospects.  

Upon signing the agreement, Jordi Fontcuberta, CEO of General Optica, declared that "this agreement leverages the synergies of two leading companies in the Spanish market and allows General Optica to concentrate all our efforts on our primary goal: to provide our customers with the best visual and auditory solutions, with the best products and the best quality of service."

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