WE SHARE THE VISION: so we start talking about ourselves

In 1978, the De Rigo Brothers founded Charme Lunettes, a small artisanal company that employed 30 workers and produced sunglasses and vision glasses.

It is there that the production and relational talent of today’s De Rigo group began: a single, special DNA which allowed us to bring the Italian style and tradition in eyewear to the entire world.

During these years, house brands and licences spoke for us and about us, giving a sense of the fascinating and successful history that distinguishes us. A history that we love because it was written with you who work with us every day, and which we now want to tell personally.

Why this decision? We will answer by sharing the words of Barbara De Rigo, House Brands Marketing Manager and head of the rebranding project:
“Our creations have always reflected an entrepreneurial history made up of people, continuous research, inimitable brands, stylistic innovation and qualitative excellence. Today we want to give a voice to this vision by involving everyone: opticians, distributors, employees, partners, end customers.

We are proud to be a company in which craftsmanship and innovation, reliability and responsibility, closeness and rapport coexist: through these values we will explain who we are, what we have been and what we want to become.”

Thus the spotlights focus on De Rigo as a brand, as a company and partner: “WE SHARE THE VISION” is born, the concept of communication which encompasses the essence of our personality. A group with an international soul, always attentive to people, relationships, sharing all points of view.

And this theme, cooperation, has strongly inspired all the rebranding work that Barbara De Rigo explains like this:
“In particular with opticians, we have built a positive and constructive relationship: we share needs and objectives, always searching for the best solution for everyone. That is why WE SHARE THE VISION perfectly summarises our way of being and working.”

It is a journey that has just started, that will continue over time and which has already materialised in the restyling of the logo, which is more up-to-date and in line with the characteristics of stability and safety of De Rigo, and the website which you are browsing: easy, up-to-date with an area reserved for you.

And not only that. WE SHARE THE VISION finds its maximum expression in the opening of our official social channels on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. A way to stay even closer, to share ideas and projects, interact also at a distance.

It seems to us like a good start to write the future of our story. If you are also curious about our past, continue to follow this blog: every month we will tell you something about us.




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