De Rigo is turning 40. But it’s not only the company itself that is celebrating this important anniversary. There are people who have been working together for as long as the company has been around. Like Patrizia Zandegiacomo and Rosita Zangrando, two women who have been working for the Group for forty years. It’s exciting to hear them talk about their memories and feelings over the years.
 It’s exciting to hear them talk about their memories and feelings over the years. To hear fragments of their memories and sentiments as they relive the sensations of their first day on the job, casting light on the many human bonds that have been created. Capturing those moments that made them feel they were part of a common history, the history of a company where people are the most important resource.

Patrizia and Rosita are two examples of the real life that is the essence of any business enterprise. Behind their stories is the essence and significance of the importance of a company for the people who play a part in it, their families and the community as a whole. A true process of osmosis, in which each party supports the other on a voyage of professional and personal growth.

Humility, and a sense of belonging. These are two of the constants that can be seen in these two women. The humility that results from not wanting to show off, doing your job well and relying on actions rather than words. A sense of belonging that is the result of the pride of contributing, through their own actions, to writing the company’s collective history.

Patrizia's dedication to her work can be read in her eyes, as can Rosita's enthusiasm about doing things well. So many thoughts can be seen in them, with them. Patrizia’s reflections on her long bus trips to work and back home. Rosita’s thoughts as she saw the company grow with her. Growing without ever losing sight of the human dimension: perhaps this is the secret behind the evolution of a company that must be in harmony with the people who are such an important part of it.


 When the cameras are turned off and put back in their cases, Patrizia and Rosita relax. They exchange glances before going back to work. They do not speak, but their silence shows that they share the same thoughts. Forty years with De Rigo means much more than just a job. Forty years with De Rigo means so many incidents in a lifetime. And each one of them becomes an indelible memory. A part of their own personal treasure.