Sports lovers know that all talented athletes focus systematically on two qualities; commitment and attitude. They also constantly strive to grow, driven by a sense that the winning line is always yet to be reached and by a desire to keep learning and improving. Davide Eccher, Country Manager Italy at De Rigo Group, is just such a sports lover. He devotes nearly all his free time to every type of mountain pursuit on the one hand (skiing, trekking, climbing, ...) and to the automotive world on the other, both on two wheels and four. Commitment, attitude and a desire to grow are qualities that he too knows all about.

Davide Eccher has always stood out for his sense of responsibility and his readiness to help everyone he works with. These qualities are also a result of his own journey of growth and maturation. Three factors deeply influenced his personal and professional development. One was becoming a father at a young age. The second was his experience working abroad, particularly in France, where Davide had to deal with a situation truly out of his so-called comfort zone. The third was having the courage, after seventeen years, to leave a major eyewear company and put himself back on the line, determined to prove to himself that he could achieve great results also in a different context. These experiences, added to those of his own personal life, have strengthened his character and his readiness to take on new challenges. But that's not all.


Since September 2018 he has managed a team of sales representatives, area managers and customer service, sales marketing and trade marketing staff, leading the Italian division to outstanding results. This significant achievement is no accident: it’s down to the experience that Davide has contributed to the team and his ability to take everyone with him in the shared pursuit of tangible results. Substance, precise working methods, enthusiasm and an ability to delegate. A mix of ingredients that have simply enhanced the skills that everyone in the team already possessed.


Two other traits have made Davide the man and professional he is today, one is his personality. He was born in Veneto and went to school in the province of Belluno, acquiring the sense of loyalty that typifies the people of the mountains while adding his own extroverted nature and renowned, innate communication skills. The other is his interest in new cultures, fuelled by his experience of working not just in France but also the Middle East, Lebanon, Syria and South East Asia: a Davide Eccher who’s always happy to engage with the customs and habits of other countries.

Managing the Italian commercial branch of De Rigo is now his latest challenge. It’s the beginning of a new journey of growth, both for himself and for the people he works with. That’s because, as he says himself, the winning line is always yet to be reached: you never stop learning and there’s never a good time to give up. For the sake of being a better professional. And a better human being.

One last thing. If Davide hadn’t chosen this career he might now have been a barman. But that’s another story altogether.