If you think warehousing is a matter of “throwing stuff into a box and sending it”, you must never have been to a logistics centre! Logistics play a strategic role today as an integral part of the process of value generation to which all enterprises are committed.

This becomes perfectly clear upon visiting De Rigo’s logistics centre and talking to its manager, Elisabetta Pradal. First of all, it is a highly advanced facility that has found exactly the right way of approaching the task at hand. The warehouse is not completely automated, by choice, because it must have the flexibility to adapt to the continually changing demands of the market. In this workplace, about a hundred people constantly do their best to offer a complete service. A collaborative work team receives the product, checks its quality, and packages it in response to the requirements of different clients, identifying the best form of shipment for overcoming the logistics issues present in each country served.

 Logistics is a multi-faceted area, as demonstrated by the typical day of Elisabetta and her staff. Their function is “problem-solving”, because logistics are the final step in a production process in which the marketing staff comes up an idea, the sales staff sells a product, the production staff makes the product, and the logistics staff make sure it gets onto store shelves. It's amazing to see how the staff works together as a team to overcome the biggest problems, viewing seemingly insuperable hurdles as challenges to be won with everyone’s help and going on to achieve new milestones.


Elisabetta has been working for De Rigo for twenty-eight years and has an extraordinarily forward-looking attitude. Even as she completes a task, she’s already thinking about how it could be done better next time. She’s full of dreams, always in action. Constantly planning, and implementing her ideas in concrete form in her work.

She has never even considered what she might have done if she hadn’t ended up working for De Rigo. Her career has been a very particular one, in which the only constant is her dedication to her work. She attended a school specialising in the hospitality industry but found herself already working in the eyewear industry when only nineteen years old. And now, she is planning for her retirement. She wants to have a little farm in the mountains and work with animals, for her childhood dream was to become a vet.

Jessica possesses both determination and enthusiasm, a truly unbeatable combination. Her determination has seen her become emotionally attached to all that represents De Rigo as a company, a sense of dedication that pushes her to perpetually promote the group within the Chinese market, a group that she feels entirely part of. A sort of pride and fondness that encourages her to improve and give her very best on a day-to-day basis. Her endless enthusiasm, instead, is what gives her the energy needed to deal with ever-new situations and what she feeds off from feeling genuinely fortunate to work for a group such as De Rigo.