Jessica Wu has been working for De Rigo for almost seven years. Yet, owing to the intensity and passion that she has dedicated to the brand, it seems like she’s been part of the family for a lot longer. As the Personal Assistant to Gary Lee, General Manager of De Rigo's Chinese branch, Jessica has contributed, alongside the entire team led by Gary, to significantly strengthening the company's presence in China and establishing strategic guidelines in order to promote POLICE, transforming the brand into a lifestyle to all intents and purposes, and Chopard, the now undisputed benchmark for luxury eyewear.

 Jessica possesses both determination and enthusiasm, a truly unbeatable combination. Her determination has seen her become emotionally attached to all that represents De Rigo as a company, a sense of dedication that pushes her to perpetually promote the group within the Chinese market, a group that she feels entirely part of. A sort of pride and fondness that encourages her to improve and give her very best on a day-to-day basis. Her endless enthusiasm, instead, is what gives her the energy needed to deal with ever-new situations and what she feeds off from feeling genuinely fortunate to work for a group such as De Rigo.


Jessica is a young woman, who looks towards the future, and rightly so, but with a certain passion for the past of a product or brand. When she is physically wandering around vintage markets or searching online for old-style products, she is captivated by the history of a company and by the stylistic mutations that have occurred over time in terms of product and brand. She is infatuated by bags, watches and vintage accessories, especially from the 1990s, and boasts a rather enviable collection, which she stores at her home.

Perhaps it is precisely this curiosity for the past, mediated by an attraction for the future, that has seen her personal taste evolve to find the perfect balance today. In addition to merging styles, she also enjoys combining different eras. Jessica Wu, our China Girl to quote David Bowie, is the perfect synthesis of a generation that is able to take the very best from each and everything and from all forms of inspiration, new and old alike.

Since February 2012 when she joined De Rigo, she has achieved a lot! She has grown as a person and has acquired new skills on a professional level, from managing problems with products to managing the online business. Jessica has grown and De Rigo has grown alongside her, with the knowledge that the group can always count on the expertise of her General Manager and a close-knit team, where Jessica is a protagonist ready and willing to meet upcoming challenges head on.