Barrow, the Italian brand devoted to digital natives launched in 2020 by a team of creative talents with an international background in fashion and the digital sphere, announces its debut in the eyewear sector alongside the De Rigo Group, one of the world leaders in this field.
Barrow celebrates young people's desire for authenticity by expressing a sense of individuality and of belonging to a community that is free, creative, dynamic, inquisitive and open to change. In just a few years, Barrow has achieved a remarkable brand awareness due to its unique creative identity and increasing visibility resulting from endorsements and collaborations with various international celebrities, influencers and musicians who have chosen to wear the brand's creations.

The worldwide licensing agreement between Barrow and De Rigo involves the design, production and distribution of prescription frames and sunglasses under the Barrow brand.

Barrow's first eyewear collection, designed in partnership with De Rigo, is scheduled to be launched in March 2023. Distribution will take place through selected optical stores and Barrow's e-commerce channel.

Michele Aracri, Managing Director of De Rigo Vision, stated: “I appreciate Barrow’s unconventional approach to creativity inspired by pop art, street style and graphics. With the brand’s young creative team, we have brought Barrow’s innovative, irreverent spirit into an eyewear line reflecting De Rigo’s hallmark quality and attention to detail”.

“Together, the competence and professionalism of a world-leading giant in the eyewear industry combined with Barrow’s irreverent and unconventional spirit have created a product that perfectly epitomises the Barrow brand,” commented the Daddato Group. “De Rigo has tapped into our essence, creating a universe and a common vision. I am proud that in such a short space of time, more and more people want to be part of the Barrow Family, granting us the opportunity to continue offering the highest quality in line with our brand’s soul.”