1983-2023: 40 YEARS OF POLICE

‘DARING EVOLUTION’ An engaging workshop and party in Rome dedicated to an international audience of over 500 guests

The De Rigo Group lifestyle brand celebrates its 40th anniversary, discussing the milestones achieved and future projects. A further evolution of the Police brand, characterised by a new identity.

40 years of Police. 40 years of a truly extraordinary story, born as a gamble and punctuated by outstanding achievements.

An ever-evolving journey that the house brand belonging to the De Rigo Group - world leader in the design, production and distribution of prescription frames and sunglasses - chooses to celebrate in Rome, a city in eternal evolution and the ideal setting to fully restore the sense of timeless uniqueness embodied by the brand.

‘Daring Evolution’ represents the highlight of this year's big celebrations, desired by Police to honour its fortieth anniversary, together with over 500 guests hailing from over 80 countries around the world. The invitees include partners, subsidiaries, customers and distributors. Yet, those who have contributed to creating the unmistakable Police lifestyle brand will also be in attendance: Mavive licensees for fragrances, ILG for watches and licenses for small leather goods and clothing.

The event: a journey into the Police world, between past and future

An engaging workshop in the immersive space of the Salone delle Fontane which, starting with the captivating story of the brand, went on to outline the various strategies for the coming years. Several contributions were made during the day, which also provided opportunities for networking and the sharing of innovative projects.

These included the Police Retail Project, a plan that aims to expand the presence of Police lifestyle stores and kiosks in Europe, as well as in the brand’s most representative markets.

The successful partnership with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS F1 team - illustrated by the contribution of special guest, Mick Schumacher - constituted yet another element of great interest.

Last but not least, the event concluded with a foray into the future, with a suggestive preview of the Police 2033 eyewear style, which will be stored in a time capsule for the next 10 years and only unveiled on occasion of the brand's fiftieth anniversary. Because if time passes, only the true icons remain and Police is testimony to this.

This event is dedicated to celebrating what De Rigo has achieved for Police - and through Police - over the past 40 years.  But it is also dedicated to the sharing of the present and the discovery of the future. What has been imagined and planned for the evolution of the brand, as was the case all the way back in 1983. Yet, above all, it is dedicated to all those with whom we wanted to share this truly special milestone. Partners and friends who have helped write the history of this brand, of which we are very proud. Because the Police attitude is synonymous with always looking forward!", commented Michele Aracri, Managing Director of De Rigo Vision.

2023, however, not only represents the year in which the fortieth anniversary of Police is celebrated, but also the moment in which the lifestyle brand chooses to re-define itself. 
The De Rigo Group house brand has evolved over the years whilst never straying from its core values, thus winning over new generations with its courage, determination and spirit of adventure.

Police, since its very origins, best interprets the audacious spirit of those who refuse to play by the rules. Witness to a constantly-changing male universe, the brand now dilutes its ‘90s style by embracing a more contemporary key, where true strength does not coincide with the classic stereotypes, but with the courage to be yourself and the ability to discover one’s own individuality and uniqueness.

Police in numbers

In 2022, the Police lifestyle brand expanded on the growth that began in 2021, thanks to the perpetual success of the various different collections and key supporting investments. Year-end data reveals a 22% increase in value compared to 2021, with a lifestyle retail turnover exceeding 300 million euros.

2023 has also started very well indeed, with the total revenue for the first quarter seeing double-digit growth. In particular, thanks also to the invaluable collaboration with ILG for watches and jewellery, and to the particularly positive performance of Mavive for the fragrance license, which has recorded an increase of 59%.

Present in more than 100 countries, owing to a far-reaching distribution network for all product categories, it is in Europe that Police finds its market of choice (50% of the total turnover), with sales driven by the business in Italy, France, Germany, Spain, the UK and Portugal. Outside of the old continent, the brand’s most important markets constitute Asia (20% of the total turnover) - where Japan is one of the leading markets, followed by India, Korea, Indonesia and China - the Middle East and Africa (14%), with a focus on the United Arab Emirates. The US has also recently seen growth in distribution and sales.

In terms of contribution to overall turnover by product category, eyewear represents the core business (52%). Fragrances along with watches and jewellery each account for 20% of the total turnover and are therefore very important when it comes to the distribution of the Police brand globally, followed by clothing and leather accessories.