There’s one memory that springs to mind before all others. It's one of those that evokes most of our senses. The smell of recently rained upon earth. The sound of the rain falling. The colours of a landscape that fade in intensity yet maintain all of their tone.

This photo-like memory has been gifted to us by Angelina Nhamposse, who has now been in Italy for 24 years and at De Rigo for 20 years, where she works in final product certification and quality control. This is an important and vivid memory for Angelina. Taken when she was much younger and living in Mozambique, it acts as a glue between two worlds, two cultures and the awareness of being part of one expansive universe.

 There’s a before and an after to Angelina’s life - something that we can all, more or less, relate to. Experiences, encounters, events that make us grow, in some cases more suddenly than expected. Born and raised in Mozambique, it is there where she would meet the one who would transport her into a new dimension - an all-Italian dimension. He is Italian and a teacher. They meet by chance. Their destinies cross paths. They will love each other forever. They will become parents to two wonderful girls and will decide to see them grow up in Italy.
 For Angelina, this will prove to be a pivotal choice. A brave choice. A choice that will nonetheless enable her to feel Italian without ever having to let go of her roots. At the beginning though, it isn’t all plain sailing for Angelina. And this is where De Rigo steps in. She attends an interview. It goes well. She starts working in the quality department. She continues working for us. With passion, determination and that pride in concluding the production process of a pair of glasses that will soon be worn by someone around the world. The Longarone-based company becomes the accelerator of a second life for Angelina. The rest is all down to her - her savoir-faire and her desire to continue to better herself. It’s a joy to watch her work. The attention that she puts into checking that the glasses comply with the technical data sheet. The care that she puts into her verifications, so that we can certify that the shape and size of the glasses correspond to those of the technical drawing.

Angelina smiles. It’s a smile that reveals her serene approach to life, which is most certainly the result of having overcome significant challenges, but - above all - from the thrill of seeing her daughters who are now young women. In this serenity, lies all of her spirit. A declaration of love towards life. Something that has led her to always think of others and has subsequently seen her committed to helping her homeland through charitable activities.

A smile born of two worlds. A smile born of one grand universe.

Take it easy, Angelina.