“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it”. The famous quote from Simon Sinek, author of the best-selling “Start With Why”, is the perfect introduction to Mario Campagna, Police Sales Agent for the regions of Sicily and Calabria.

A life in eyewear. A passion for glasses. A job he consciously chose.

An easy choice, but by no means random. Born into a family of opticians, Mario grew up surrounded by glasses. And he found it fascinating. He loved it. He became an optician himself, continuing the family tradition. And then he decided he wanted to see the job from a different point of view. The turning point came when he was in America on business. New stimuli, new experiences, and an episode that might be considered chance, if it weren’t for the fact that people’s actions attract good fortune. His brother, who worked for De Rigo, mentioned his name to the company. He was in Cincinnati when he was faxed the contract that made him a member of the De Rigo family. Mario didn’t think twice. It was in December 2002 that he signed up as a Sales Agent for Police, a brand he had always loved. He started with seven provinces in Sicily. Now, he works all over Sicily and Calabria.

 His job summarises who Campagna is: dedication, professionalism and freedom. Three things that are a part of who he is, rather than what he does. It’s his attitude to life that Mario naturally expresses in his approach to his work every day. Dedication, because Mario loves what he does. He loves glasses. In fact, he collects them. He’s Police’s first ambassador. He feels like a part of the De Rigo family. Professionalism, because it’s a product he’s perfectly familiar with. All those years spent watching his parents at work. Those years spent as an optician, dispensing advice from behind the counter. And freedom.

Mario has always travelled a lot, and manages to continue discovering new worlds through travel, even when he gets onto his Harley Davidson Road King to visit his customers. Yes, because his motorbike has a role to play in all this! Mario’s motorbike incarnates his passion for bikes. He first experienced the sense of freedom they bring as a boy, competing on his Yamaha xt600 and xt600z Tenerè Enduro bikes. With time, he has changed his style. The Harley allows him to pay more attention to the landscapes he is travelling through, on his way back home to Modica where his wife and three amazing children wait for him.

Everyone knows what they do, some people know how they do it, but only a few people know why they do it, and these are people who have achieved personal and professional self-realisation. Mario Campagna is definitely one of them!