Sustainability focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Per questo la maison Chopard ha intrapreso il suo viaggio verso il lusso sostenibile come parte dell’identità, i valori e la tradizione che le sono propri. Nel 2010 Chopard è diventato un membro del Responsible Jewelry Council, in poco tempo ha fissato nuovi standard etici nella gioielleria fino ad arrivare oggi al lancio del segmento eyewear responsabile.

With this in mind, the Chopard Maison is committed, by means of this Journey, to Sustainable Luxury as part of its own identity, values, and tradition. In 2010, Chopard became a certified member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and swiftly established new ethical jewellery standards, which have today culminated in the launch of the responsible eyewear segment.

The collection is produced in Italy, using plant-based materials such as bio-based acetate and bio-based lenses. In regard to these new materials, approximately 70% of the acetate used is of natural origin. Raw materials used to produce the acetate include Cellulose Acetate, derived from wood and cotton, and a plasticiser derived from vegetable sources. This acetate is phthalate-free and is biodegradable under proper conditions. Approximately 40% of the nylon lens is of natural origin: this revolutionary responsible resin is produced from castor plants and represents an incredibly durable and lightweight alternative to plastic, which is bio-based and consequently boasts a lower environmental footprint.

The new line is fresh, modern and easy-to-wear, and includes both sunglasses and prescription frames. It comprises eight different styles, four for women and four for men. The Women’s collection takes inspiration from the Ice Cube jewellery collection, with square faceting on the titanium temples. Keywords include slender surfaces, transparent colours and geometric designs. The Men’s collection instead takes inspiration from the Alpine Eagle watch collection. The signature compass rose features on the inner part of the functional hinge and on the temple tips. Keywords include three-dimensional surfaces, polished and brushed finishes and sophisticated details.

To quote Caroline Scheufele, Co-President and Artistic Director at Chopard: “Responsibility means being transparent. The final destination may still be far ahead, but each action is one step closer to achieving a better future for the people of today and the generations to come.”