Impelled by a boundless passion for beauty and life, Chopard conveys a unique emotional dimension through the spirit of the Maison itself as well as in its precious objects. This applies as much to the wearer as the giver. Pleasure and Joie de Vivre are an inherent part of the Maison and ensure that Chopard creations consistently radiate positive energy, thus accompanying customers in the finest moments of their lives. Chopard’s Independence allows it to support crafts with a glorious past that are a source of great pride today. Together with the impetus provided by the Scheufele Family, this support of its Artisans also drives a boundless Creative Audacity that sets the Maison apart. An audacity that has led Chopard to pave the way for a new vision of Ethical luxury.


Unique savoir-faire and jewellery-inspired creations from which it is impossible to avert your gaze: the new limited-edition ‘Red Carpet 2023’ eyewear collection by Chopard - designed by De Rigo Vision - celebrates the historical ties between the luxury maison and the cinematic world.

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