The Group is one of the biggest players in eyewear retailing thanks to its retail chains General Optica (Spain), Mais Optica (Portugal), Opmar Optik (Turkey) and affiliate Boots Opticians (UK).


General Optica, with its more than 220 direct stores and over 70 franchise stores, is the leading optical chain in the Spanish market. Founded in 1955 in Barcelona, General Optica, whose staff includes more than 1.700 people, has always stood out for its professionalism in visual health care, in the quality of the products offered and in its aesthetic advice to customers.

"A long-standing commitment to eyesight": this is how General Optica defines itself; a company which, right from its foundation, has concentrated on eyecare and prevention, relying on professionals and on particularly advanced techniques to satisfy all customer needs.





Founded in 1998, Mais Optica, with its 20 direct stores and 14 franchise stores, is one of the main optical chains in the Portuguese market. Initially created as a branch of General Optica, it maintains the values and the tradition of its parent company, giving priority to professionalism in visual health care.

In 2009, in order to get closer to Portuguese consumers, the trade name of the chain in Portugal was changed to Mais Optica, a name which refers to the position that the optical chain wants to occupy in Portugal by offering more service, more quality, more guarantees, and ultimately, more customer satisfaction.

Today, Mais Optica is a modern, young chain, with great potential for growth, present in the main urban centres of the country and known for offering the most advanced eye care service combined with a unique aesthetic advisory service. All this through a network of stores, that have one of the most varied optical products exhibitions in the Portuguese market.


Founded in 2001, it is one of the largest chains in the Turkish market and has a network of 75 prestigious stores with 430 employees. Opmar Optik offers its Turkish customers optical frames and sunglasses of the most prestigious international brands, especially "Made in Italy" brands.

Customer satisfaction is. guaranteed in its stores both by the personal assistance of optical experts and by a sophisticated "SELF-SERVICE" computer system that allows customers to shop freely by downloading the prices of glasses and sunglasses via the bar code system.

The company joined the Group in 2008 and currently pursues its expansion strategy in the Turkish market with the aim of becoming the first operator in the optical retail business.




The "new" Boots Opticians, one of the leaders in the UK market, with more than 630 stores and over 5.000 employees, is one of the largest optical chains in Europe. Founded in 1983, Boots Opticians opened its first Optical Services practice in Nottingham. In 1984, it opened other 5 stores in Peterborough, Leeds, Mansfield, Luton and Derby.

In the following two decades, the company launched an expansion policy that led to its network of 286 stores uniformly distributed in the UK, offering a wide range of services, including eye tests, digital retinal photography, glasses, contact lenses and accessories.
In May 2009, Boots Opticians (founded as an optical retail division of the historic English group Boots, a member of the Alliance Boots group) was merged with Dollond & Aitchison (founded in 1750 and owned by the De Rigo Group until 2009), the oldest optical chain in the world with its 250 years of experience in the field.

The synergy between the two companies, their sharing a long tradition and an excellent reputation for quality services, are the key points that allow the new Boots Optician to offer its customers the best value for money and customer care standards.
Boots Opticians is controlled by Alliance Boots, which holds a 58% share, while De Rigo holds a 42% share.



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