If it’s true that a person's identity comes from what that person is and is able to do, then Daniela Dametto’s identity has many facets with one connecting element: an aptitude for doing things well.
Of a sunny disposition, polite, helpful and capable, Daniela turns her job in IT into an instrument for expressing her passion for mathematics. This passion was born at her desk in high school thanks to a teacher who helped her appreciate the beauty of probability calculations, and culminated academically with a degree in statistics. But numbers aren’t Daniela’s only passion. They say that there are affinities between maths and music and Daniela is the perfect example, having achieved a diploma in piano at the conservatoire.

Daniela's work is of a special nature that certainly calls for a sort of musicality. Providing financial and control assistance to everyone working in the company and to all staff at foreign branches using SAP as their management software is a job that requires skill and an ability to find solutions to new problems that can spring up. This is the musicality required. A musicality that lies in a score sheet to be followed, but also in the need to improvise in response to new challenges.

 Daniela’s typical day also follows a pattern that we might call harmonic.

This includes checking the night-time uploads for Business Intelligence, various phone calls from colleagues at other offices needing help to solve problems in the use of SAP, and work on developing new business reports. There’s no routine in all of this but a set of procedures interspaced by new activities, all in expectation of a future that has already arrived given that the whole department is preparing for the move to SAP HANA. A package regarded as the new frontier in management software - that the company has for now implemented in the Business Intelligence sector - will lead to greater speed and efficiency in the various reporting activities. For Daniela, eight and a half years after arriving at De Rigo, as well as all her colleagues, this transition represents something of a mission accomplished.

Daniela’s two souls - mathematics and music - continue to live within her. From Bach to SAP isn’t just a play on words but the essence of a person who is strong-willed and refined in the way she does things and in the way she is. Daniela is in many ways the classmate we would all have wished for. Certainly a “swot”, but also very likeable and happy to share. If you should ever happen to meet Daniela then be sure to greet her with a smile, because she’ll certainly smile back.