An initiative created to re-develop one of the most evocative - but also forgotten - areas of Venice. This is why ST!NG, a De Rigo Group eyewear brand, and Save the Planet, a non-profit organisation that develops and supports green projects, have decided to collaborate to pursue an initiative of the highest ethical and environmental value.

ST!NG, the youngest of the De Rigo Group house brands - which has always been at the forefront of sustainability and environmental protection issues - supports non-profit organisation Save the Planet in the La Certosa reforestation project. The island situated in the Venetian Lagoon was severely affected in 2012 by a violent tornado that caused a great deal of damage to the environment, uprooting the majority of the trees and profoundly changing the morphology of the land.

The reforestation plan organised by Save the Planet and promoted by ST!NG will be carried out in collaboration with Vento di Venezia, the company that manages the island in concession from the Municipality and the State Property Office, which will represent the institutional partners of the initiative.

The ambitious project that Save the Planet and ST!NG want to bring to fruition includes the planting of young trees, selected to ensure a wide variety of species, and the improvement of the forests. The first shrubs, donated by the Fondazione di Venezia - M9 Museum of the 20th Century, are part of the M9 Forest: a landscape of ideas, community and future. A unique installation, a temporary forest set up in the heart of the Museum to underline the relationship that unites the Veneto region and its forests.

The collaboration between ST!NG and Save the Planet - which began last year with the Amazon World’s Lungs project aims to contribute, through a series of concrete initiatives, to a reduction in the day-to-day impact that mankind has on the environment. A commitment that comprises projects on a global scale as well as local initiatives, such as the reforestation of the island of La Certosa. An activity that is also intended to symbolise re-birth in the wake of the pandemic. The island is thereby returned to the citizens and families of Venice, who re-gain possession of an area that had been abandoned. A green area where socialising and wellness activities can once again be enjoyed.

Barbara De Rigo De Rigo Vision Chief Marketing Director - explained:  "Here at De Rigo, we are happy to re-affirm our commitment with ST!NG alongside Save the Planet. Safeguarding the environment is written into the DNA of our youngest brand, which is embracing the concerns of the younger generations who see their futures threatened. To be able to contribute to the recovery of a landscape that is part of our natural heritage and that means so much to the region is something that makes us particularly proud and gives us an additional push towards a new beginning in the name of environmental sustainability".