House Brand

Dreams and aspirations are translated into technological innovation and formal research: our house brands stem from passionate research, creative project management and thrilling discoveries, to exclusively produce the very best of Italian creativity.

Audacity cannot be feigned, it must be owned.

POLICE was born in Italy in 1983 from an intuition dreamt up by De Rigo, one of the world’s leading groups in the production and distribution of premium-quality eyewear.

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A classic, in step with the future

Born in 1878, it’s the oldest eyewear brand in Italy. Among the pages of its history, we find a constant focus on the future and innovation. This history endows the brand with a natural superiority, meaning that still today it is the ultimate cult spectacle.

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The world you see is the one you experience. ​

IN Inspired by ST!NG is the De Rigo Group brand expressing all the values and design of the historic ST!NG brand in a new way, evolving to respond to an adult male target. ST!NG continues to maintain its junior version, in the ST!NG XS collection, and now leads the way in the industry, after changing the way people wear glasses over almost 40 years of history.

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Timeless, elegant and femminine.

Yalea is an all-female brand of sunglasses and prescription eyewear, designed and produced with women in mind.

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