Founded in 1985, Sting is a fashion brand with a green calling that targets the young – individuals who more mindful of the environment. From the coming together of Sting’s creative nature and energy, and the De Rigo Group’s experience, come increasingly innovative and original products. Today, Sting speaks to young people who love to be fashionable and care for their appearance down to the smallest detail, combining envogue accessories with garments purchased from fast fashion chains to create outfits that stand out in a crowd. Youngsters who express their individual personalities on social media and who follow fashion blogs whilst always considering the environment and nature. Sting offers fashion-forward products with a low environmental impact, given that the brand is committed to offsetting its CO2 emissions by supporting the Amazon Rainforest through the Save the Planet non-profit organisation.


 The two brands join forces to create an innovative and versatile eyewear co-lab designed for the youngest.

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