Lozza presents the series "a story with a vision"

Lozza tells its story, spanning over 140 years, with the series "A story with a vision", 8 episodes that describe the origins of the brand behind the birth of the Belluno eyewear district and how it has always managed to interpret and embody the spirit of the time, without losing its identity.

Created by the TIWI studio in Reggio Emilia, specialising in audiovisual and motion graphic productions, together with SSG Creative Factory who oversaw the idea, development and creative direction, the series celebrates Lozza's heritage using the technique of animated graphics, with a mix of handmade illustrations and photo collages.

Faé's majestic giant redwood co-stars in the series. Having survived the Vajont disaster, it relates the brand's strong connection with its territory. When making each episode, material from Lozza’s photographic archives and the brand’s most iconic styles were used as inspiration for elements and colours that would represent each decade of reference as faithfully as possible.

The mixed media technique, in which photographic collage is blended with digitally created graphic elements, reflects the approach used in Lozza's own work, which has always combined tradition with new technologies.

To create the movement of each scene and sequence, a lower rate than the classic 24 frames per second was applied to the animation, creating a reference to the analogue world, traditional animation and a more material dimension.

The design of the characters plays on the imbalance of proportions to give the series a stylistic characterisation and more distinctive.

The result is the greater creative freedom used to relate the path taken by the brand over the years, expressed in the contrast that arises when two different worlds are united: on the one hand there is the real snapshot gleaned from the photographs, on the other the artistic interpretation chosen to tell the story of Lozza.

Finally, each era of reference is reflected in the choice of colours and patterns used in the illustrations, which are different for each episode. 

The redwood itself changes: the colours change and so do the photographs that make up its branches, as if it were part of the human events that took place in each era. 

The series "A story with a vision" celebrates Lozza and its intrinsic value, its meaning for our culture and our national identity, embodying the distinctive style of a brand that symbolises the quality of Made in Italy.
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