H.E.ART Foundation

Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART Onlus supports Dynamo Camp and Recreational Therapy

The Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART Onlus, which has always been committed to helping young people exercise their non-negotiable rights to health and education, is proud to announce its support for Dynamo Camp on the occasion of the Jesolo off-camp session taking place from 22 to 26 May at Villaggio Marzotto.

The Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART supports the programmes and activities of the session that hosts more than 110 participants, including neuro-divergent children and adolescents, those with serious or chronic diseases, and those with disabilities, together with their brothers, sisters and parents.

For many of them, holidays are often difficult to organise because they move away from the daily routine and require complex management. With Dynamo Camp, instead holidays are possible, and the participants often define their experiences as magical and unrepeatable.

Assisted by specialised staff and trained volunteers, the children participate in Recreational Therapy activities that focus on fun, the discovery of new potential and new learning possibilities, highlighting their own possibilities and not the difficulties dictated by the health condition. In this way, the results tend to be long-term, often permanent, and positive changes occur in the children's ability to cope with the disease. In addition, they are an opportunity for families to socialise and create a mutual support network, also active in their daily life after the experience with Dynamo Camp.

"For us, supporting Dynamo Camp means making a real contribution to the health and joy of children, by offering them moments of leisure and serenity in a safe and welcoming environment," says Barbara De Rigo, President of the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART. “We're excited to play a part in the Jesolo session and look forward to seeing the smiles on these young peoples faces.”

Support for Dynamo Camp is just one of the many initiatives promoted by the Fondazione De Rigo H.E.ART to promote the growth and development of young people, in line with the values of solidarity and social commitment that have always distinguished it.

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