It all began in 1860 when Louis Ulysse Chopard, a talented young craftsman, established his workshop. His watches quickly gained a solid reputation in Eastern Europe, Russia and Scandinavia.

In 1963 the capital of fine watch making was took over by Karl Scheufele, descendant of a dynasty of watch makers and jewelers from Germany. Under the impetus of the Scheufele family, Chopard experienced spectacular development. Renowned for its creativity, its state of the-art technology and the excellence of its craftsmen, it became one of the leading names in the high-endwatch and jewellery industry.

Entirely independent, Chopard is pursuing a time-honoured family tradition. Karl Scheufele and his wife have orchestrated the company's  international expansion for more than 40 years and are still active in the firm.  Their two children are its current co-presidents.

Running and developing a company such as Chopard could have not be done without precise and rigorous set of governing principles. Over the years, several corporate values have emerged; they form the "backbone of Chopard" and they are Independence, Quality & Excellence, Creativity, Heritage, Respect and Audacity. Today Chopard means exclusive composition of diamonds, sapphires, rubies and emerald of exceptional and unexpected cuts and sizes opening up a world of unparalleled glamour and craftsmanship, where originality, creativity and technical mastery are pushed to their ultimate limits.

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Sun Collection 2017

Chopard’s eyewear collections celebrate the luxury of Swiss high jewellery and Italian design excellence. A meticulous attention to detail combined with cutting-edge technologies result in wonderful sunglasses in sophisticated, modern materials, featuring an elegant design and unparalleled quality.
The styles draw inspiration from and reinterpret the most iconic elements of the Swiss Maison’s jewellery and timepiece collections. The Imperial Collection - the finest expression of the Chopard woman’s femininity - is evoked in the form of a flower, a detail on the hinge, or a decorative pattern. Daring sophistication is the leitmotif of the Happy Diamonds Collection, designed for modern, dazzling women - just like the crystals that move inside a precious structure placed on the temples. The High Jewellery Collection is revived in luxurious and glamorous eyewear - veritable jewellery pieces just ready for the red carpet.

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Optical Collection 2017

Luxury, craftsmanship and excellence; these are the key features of the Chopard 2017 Optical Collection in which the design and decorations reproduce the refinement and uniqueness of high end jewellery and the detailing of watches, recalling the traditional craftsmanship of the finest Swiss goldsmiths. The collection showcases unique and increasingly sophisticated styles for women who seek to be creative and outgoing, and for men who pursue luxury in every single way. Marked by an increasingly sophisticated study of materials, the latter are combined with care and refinement, and embellished by hand with special, all-Italian details and processing techniques. The collection draws inspiration from many themes, reinterpreting concepts featured within the Maison's jewellery and watch collections: Imperiale, High Jewellery, Happy Diamonds.

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