Created in 1985, Sting is the latest brand by De Rigo Group, one of the world's leading manufactures and distributors of glasses, with headquarters in Longarone.

The brand was designed for a young target, from 15 to 25 years of age,whose fashion trends represent the main reference for creating the collections: "aggressive", sporty, glamorous and yet other kinds of models have followed one another during almost 30 years of uninterrupted production, rewriting the way of living and wearing both eyeglasses and sunglasses.


Sun Collection 2019

The web stars have arrived and they’re ready for the big event. Dress code required: a sparkling outfit, sunglasses and the latest smartphone model, of course! A selfie before the great debut is a must: snap a picture, choose a filter, insert a catchy quote, pull from your hashtags stack and finally…you’re on line! And here we go: the influencers walk the red carpet, lit up by the photographers’ flashes, while their frenzied followers wait to shake their hands and ask for an autograph or a picture! This is the amazing world of the web stars, always ready to show the most magical moments of their lives through posts and stories, where emotions translate into emoticons, filters and comments! For the SS19, ST!NG Eyewear takes inspiration from an imaginary Walk of Fame of the most loved web stars, creating a collection where the eccentric and oversize shapes combine with unusual materials and a vintage touch. ST!NG Eyewear SS19 collection is perfect for those who want to be noticed, just like their favourite web stars!


Optical Collection 2018

At least once, we all dreamt of having the special power to transform ourselves into someone else. Just like a quick-change performer, who dresses up to inhabit thousands of different characters, such as cartoon heroes or one of those robots with superhuman strength!  ST!NG Eyewear has always loved those who are not afraid to challenge the rules. That’s why "Transformation!” is the motto of the 2018 collection, which recalls Millennials’ attitude to break the mold and never be the same. For them, fashion means experimenting new trends, often inspired by social networks. Funny shapes to play with and to look different depending on the mood; timeless but unusual glasses with interchangeable clip-ons, made of very light materials and super colored nuances -  these are perfect elements for those who wear, create or even… transform fashion!

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