Created in 1985, Sting is the latest brand by De Rigo Group, one of the world's leading manufactures and distributors of glasses, with headquarters in Longarone.

The brand was designed for a young target, from 15 to 25 years of age,whose fashion trends represent the main reference for creating the collections: "aggressive", sporty, glamorous and yet other kinds of models have followed one another during almost 30 years of uninterrupted production, rewriting the way of living and wearing both eyeglasses and sunglasses.

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Sun Collection 2017

The 2017 Sting Sun Collection reveals a fresh, bold style. The pieces fully reflect the identity of De Rigo's "young" house brand, endowing the eyewear with Sting's trademark trendiness, quality and comfort. Colour features strongly in the collection. Bright, vibrant tints are paired with soft, shaded hues in the layered acetates, exclusive graphics and meticulous details of the frames, such as the all-over ST!NG logo in the colours of the rainbow. Modern shapes and glamorous details reflect the latest trends. The vintage style is reinterpreted in a contemporary key, with the use of coloured acetates or ultra-flat mirrored lenses to brighten up retro frames.

A bracing collection with a free style, for true free spirits! 

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Optical Collection 2016

Sting Eyewear turns to the magic of the Nineties, the melting pot decade in which the cultural industry reigned supreme: the showbiz and the art world gave life to very diverse trends which thus turned fashion into a great mixer of styles. This melting pot of trends means that now, decades later, we look at those years as a "pastiche" of irony and irreverence, freshness and references to the past. The ST!NG optical collection looks at the Nineties through the coloured kaleidoscope of American pop, with its many objects and accessories, models and rock stars who would later become timeless icons. Bright and vivid colours are superimposed on classic frames through iconic reinterpretations that create fresh and irreverent styles to be worn every day, for a carefree and contemporary look.

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