A look at Mido 2012: De Rigo Group

A look at Mido 2012: De Rigo Group



A look at Mido 2012: De Rigo Group

Michele Aracri, managing director: a good 2012, numerous new products this year


An overview of new additions to the brands marketed by De Rigo and satisfaction with 2011 results were the subjects of the MidoTV interview with Michele Aracri, managing director of the Group based in Longarone, during the exhibition in Milan. An appointment that "we must embrace and support" precisely because it has been consolidated over time.


Aracri talked about the various strategies for the brands, such as the new testimonial for Lozza, singer Mika who is very popular with young people. But above all he talked about the positive results of 2011, with +12% growth compared to the previous year, the result of a strategy that focuses "on a reference brand with collections tailored for each country".


It will be difficult to repeat, but in any case Aracri forecasts "slightly positive" results for 2012.



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