Police​, the De Rigo Group's house brand, was launched in Italy in 1983 as unisex eyewear and a metropolitan manifesto for those who set out to get noticed.

The name is no coincidence. It triggers the imagination and dreams, especially of the younger generations, and offers a whole new outlook, across the ocean and against the tide. The name evokes the American "on the road" lifestyle, but also the strong urban spirit of the city of all cities: New York.

The Police attitude made its worldwide mark right from the outset, as an Italian brand with potent international overtones. This alternative, nonconformist, almost irreverent brand immediately carved out a niche of its own. Building on its growing identity and positioning, over the years Police has reinvented itself, going from a simple eyewear brand to a veritable lifestyle benchmark. In this transformation, the brand extended to include a full range of fashion accessories - perfumes, watches, jewellery and leather goods - all with a strong personality, and representing a particular look and way of life. Young, authentic rebels, who follow the trends but seek to stand out with originality and flair, are thus irresistibly drawn to the Police "community".

The Police brand continues to ride above the fashions, without ever compromising its personality. This has been portrayed over the years by important Brand Ambassadors, such as Bruce Willis, George Clooney, David Beckham, Antonio Banderas and the football star, Neymar Jr, who have interpreted and voiced the POLICE values, style and world.

The world we live in now and the idea itself of rebellion have changed, and the brand decided to aim, in a new voice, at the today's rebels: young people who want to make a mark on the world they live in through their choices and their desire to express themselves. They're the people who more than any other will influence the world we live in tomorrow and best represent the renewed spirit of Police.

Police products are now distributed in more than 80 countries across all major cities. Since 2008, the brand's retail strategy has focused mainly on the Middle East and China, alongside the opening of 40 shop-in-shops in the most important Department Stores. These shop-in-shops embody the quintessence of the Police lifestyle. They serve to reinforce the brand image and its metropolitan attitude whilst presenting a lifestyle as a whole.


Sun Collection 2018

The collection consists of numerous styles developed to meet the diverse needs of the Police customer. Highlights of the collection include: the use of innovative, lightweight metals, capable of ensuring the perfect fit and comfort; a strong brand identity, uniting the past and future of Police; the presence of recognisable, easy-to-wear styles. 

The new Police women’s eyewear collection is full of strong stylistic concepts with unique, feminine details and characteristics. The products on offer span from casual styles, with a touch of glamour and trendy details, to more feminine ones for the confident woman, and also feature more original shapes, with a distinctive, attractive design.


Optical Collection 2018

The Optical 2018 Collection reinforces the rebellious, modern identity of the Police brand. The men’s collection showcases hi-tech solutions and cutting-edge materials - including titanium and carbon which add lightness and comfort to the styles – highlighting the brand’s cosmopolitan spirit. Contrastingly, glitterati, floral patterns and bright colours characterise the women’s collection, designed for those looking for a distinctive image and with refined detailing.

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