Nina Ricci

The 2016 Sunglass Collection by Nina Ricci, the first range created by De Rigo Vision, celebrates the ever-lasting charm and timeless elegance of the icons of the Sixties and Seventies. Creativity and experimentation unite to generate modern styles with a contemporary, sensual feel, based on a perfect combination of casual style and femininity which mirrors the poetic, French charm of the designer.


Nina Ricci

Sun Collection 2019

The new Nina Ricci optical collection reflects the Maison’s Parisian elegance through a meticulous blend of sophisticated minimalism and seductive femininity. The understated, contemporary design of the frames is softened by lace fabric insert and glitter details, as well as 1970s touches in oversized styles decorated with metal trims.

Nina Ricci

Optical Collection 2019

The Nina Ricci 2019 Optical and Flash Sunglass collection unleashes an exquisite, unmistakeably feminine spirit, with the romantic touches characteristic of the historical Parisian brand The minimal, clearly-defined shapes not only enhance the features of the modern woman but also her bold, contemporary personality. Every style is an accessory endowed with exclusive finesse that is never showy, thanks to the clever combination of metal and acetate materials with a large variety of finishes and details.  Weaves, glitter and elegant colour combinations add a dynamic, lightweight touch to a refined collection. The large shapes and the new “NR” logo echo the style of the Seventies.

Feminine, elegant and romantic, the 2019 Optical and Flash Sunglass collection by Nina Ricci brings back the historical style of the famous fashion house.  The sophisticated and minimal lines complement the confident woman of today. The mix of materials (metals and acetate) and variety of finishes ensure that every style has an exclusive design.  Weaves and glitter add a dynamic touch to this collection which, with its large shapes and the new “NR” logo, has a true Seventies vibe.


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