Nina Ricci

The 2016 Sunglass Collection by Nina Ricci, the first range created by De Rigo Vision, celebrates the ever-lasting charm and timeless elegance of the icons of the Sixties and Seventies. Creativity and experimentation unite to generate modern styles with a contemporary, sensual feel, based on a perfect combination of casual style and femininity which mirrors the poetic, French charm of the designer.


Nina Ricci

Sun Collection 2018

The 2018 Sunglass collection provides a new take on the Parisian allure of Nina Ricci and is designed for a modern, sensual woman. Minimal frames with clean designs merge with crystal details and tiny metal decorations. Seventies-style inspirations get a new, contemporary, feminine makeover, but retain their chic. 

Nina Ricci

Optical Collection 2018

Nina Ricci’s 2018 Optical Collection is designed for a naturally sophisticated,  modern and self-confident woman. The frames, featuring a minimal design, are embellished with original and refined details such as  studs and crystals. The elegance  of the metal frames is  characterised by small geometric trims in coloured enamel. The sober and feminine colour palette is brightened up by vibrant colours like red and blue in all their nuances.

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