The oldest brand of eyewear in Italy (founded in 1878) has always been marked by its sober and refined models, destined for an adult target group . It has now opened up to young lovers of vintage , desirous of a 1970s revival in a modern key. Lozza now regains its place and stands for new "cult" frames. New because, unlikely many others, they have a history, a tradition, an innate superiority. These roots allow LOZZA to be contemporary in the future. In a world that thrives on gloss and superficiality, LOZZA conveys the feeling of reliability, something that gives appearance though also grounded on substance.


Sun Collection 2020

The Spring/Summer 2020 Lozza Eyewear Collection spotlights the all-Italian savoir-faire and heritage of Italy’s longest-standing eyewear brand, without neglecting innovation and fashion-forward styling. Lozza experiments with new shapes and combinations of innovative materials, including titanium, by teaming them with timeless models such as the Zilo, whilst fully respecting the brand values. The result is a unisex eyewear offering boasting simple lines of vintage inspiration, whilst simultaneously providing elements of contemporary style.


Optical Collection 2020

Tradition and Made in Italy excellence combine with innovation and modernity: the new Lozza optical collection encompasses all the savoir-faire and heritage of Italy’s longest-standing eyewear brand, without neglecting the latest industry trends. The new collection sees iconic models - including the Zilo and Cooper - and new shapes merge with innovative materials such as titanium. Simultaneously, distinctive stylistic elements and details retrieved from the historic Lozza archives make a comeback and take pride of place on new models. The result is an eyewear offering boasting simple lines of vintage inspiration, whilst concurrently providing elements of contemporary style.



Fila by Lozza

A new capsule collection designed by two Italian lifestyle icons is born: seemingly different worlds, yet with a DNA and Heritage boasting a plethora of similarities. With the FILA by Lozza line, Lozza - Italy's longest-standing eyewear brand - expresses a sporty spirit, combined with elegance, character and pureness of lines.

The new collection comprises six models: three sunglasses styles and three prescription styles. A perfect marriage between the ‘retro-fashion’ spirit that distinguishes Lozza and the ‘sportier-lifestyle’ vocation characteristic of FILA.
The Zilo, Macho and Cooper styles in fact have a new look. Whilst maintaining their design and historic features, the three eyewear icons have adopted a new sportier style, enriched by distinctive FILA elements: the logo and the blue, red and white colour palette. A designer case, with the capsule collection logo proposed in elegant Lozza blue, is transformed into a sports accessory: the fabric loop enables it to be worn on a belt.

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