The oldest brand of eyewear in Italy (founded in 1878) has always been marked by its sober and refined models, destined for an adult target group . It has now opened up to young lovers of vintage , desirous of a 1970s revival in a modern key. Lozza now regains its place and stands for new "cult" frames. New because, unlikely many others, they have a history, a tradition, an innate superiority. These roots allow LOZZA to be contemporary in the future. In a world that thrives on gloss and superficiality, LOZZA conveys the feeling of reliability, something that gives appearance though also grounded on substance.


Sun Collection 2018

The new collection by the oldest brand of Italian eyewear is designed for those seeking fine, unquestionable quality, timeless elegance and excellent attention to detail. It appeals to many different age groups. The Lozza styles in the 2018 Sun Collection sport shapes with a classic feel but which look to the future, in line with today’s fashion trends. Indeed, they are characterised by simple, minimal designs, featuring the brand’s iconic 5-line trim, and by the use of fine materials such as titanium and excellent quality vision lenses such as those in tempered glass. 


Optical Collection 2018

With its Optical 2018 Collection, Lozza confirms the brand’s characteristic bold personality: the classic shapes of the styles feature stylish, contemporary details, such as the use of titanium in the styles and the temple tips finished with the iconic 5-line trim. Each style in the collection is inspired by an Italian city, so evoking the fine Italian origins and style of the brand.

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