The oldest brand of eyewear in Italy (founded in 1878) has always been marked by its sober and refined models, destined for an adult target group . It has now opened up to young lovers of vintage , desirous of a 1970s revival in a modern key. Lozza now regains its place and stands for new "cult" frames. New because, unlikely many others, they have a history, a tradition, an innate superiority. These roots allow LOZZA to be contemporary in the future. In a world that thrives on gloss and superficiality, LOZZA conveys the feeling of reliability, something that gives appearance though also grounded on substance.


Sun Collection 2019

The Lozza SUN19 collection offers yet further confirmation of the stylishly vintage soul underpinning Italy's oldest eyewear brand. Strongly inspired by the ’70s and ’80s, the new collection includes the brand’s evergreens - such as the Zilo style - revisited in a modern key, with new shapes and new material combinations that make these glasses lightweight yet highly resistant.

The result is a range of highly sophisticated “cult” glasses featuring an innovative design.


Optical Collection 2019

Marked by a strong personality and first-rate quality ever since 1878, the latest Lozza collection reaffirms and renews the brand’s timeless and captivating identity. Offering the perfect blend of tradition and innovation, the contemporary, state-of-the-art design of the new glasses expresses a vintage allure, featuring pastel hues and evoking iconic 1950s-style elements and models. In the new collection, the styles are named once again after Italian cities, as a tribute to the brand’s Italian origins and nature. 


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