Since 1911, FILA has been an icon of elegance and Italian style in sports.

Sports are synonymous with incredible performances, last-minute victories. The joy of triumph after hard training. Though sports represent also a lifestyle, comfort. FILA, which has always witnessed amazing results, perfectly mirrors this awareness.

The simple and essential collections from FILA Eyewear decisively opt for convenience and functionality, proposing "active" sports models alongside more fashionable ones, always in line with the young and sporty style of the brand's target.


Sun Collection 2017

The spirit of FILA is well represented by the slogan 'Function meets fashion' where the dynamism and the attention to comfort meet the search for the style. In the FILA sun collection we can find all these features. The collection is characterised by a careful study of the fitting and the functionality and, at the same time, by the attention to details.

The most sporty part of the collection answers the needs of an athletic target. It then takes inspiration from the requirements of a consumer who plays sports. The frames are characterised by comfort, fitting and lightness. The wraparound shapes provide protection from the wind and the light. Great attention is paid to the durability and the resistance of the frame. The 'soft touch feeling' is typical of this collection and is obtained by the use of materials such as rubber and silicone. This effect is also enhanced by the use of colors.

The most classic part of the collection addresses a consumer who has an active and dynamic life but does not want to renounce the style. The lines are essential and simple, and at the same time they pay attention to the details and the design. The wide variety of the front pieces (from rectangular to rounded to pilot shapes) satisfy a heterogeneous target. A special importance is given to colours, which is shown in vivacious and classic combinations, and to the presence of the 'F' logo which confers recognition on the brand.




Optical Collection 2017

Dynamic, innovative and comfortable, FILA embraces all the positive qualities of the sports world with style and lightness. The Fila Eyewear Collection offers a wide range of models that can satisfy a very heterogeneous target. The most classic part of the collection, which presents styles with wide frames and a linear design, features vintage though also trendy touches.In the most sporty models, the shapes of front pieces are never extreme; the positive force of competition can be clearly seen in the design of the temples, often in two colors, or in the use of special treatments that give a 3D and dynamic effect to milled glasses in metal and plastic. Distinctive details such as temple tips customized by the printed "F" of the logo, originally distinguish an accessory that perfectly meets the needs of those living with dynamism and energy.

Ultra slim steel structures give these extremely comfortable models a lightweight quality. Transparent acetates for sporty front pieces. Playful color effects for the temples conveyed by a pad-printed 'logomania' on the metal core protected by a crystal temple tip. Plucky colors, special two-color interplays and the ever-present iconic Fila colors - red and blue - give the collection dynamism and a strong personality.

Key themes: 3D, Camouflage, Logomania.



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