For 120 years, dunhill has been synonymous with an elegant and discerning British aesthetic. Always with integrity and charisma, it defines luxury: perfect for purpose but uncompromising in its commitment to use only the finest aterials and work with the finest artisans across the world to create its menswear, leather goods, accessories and gifts.

The partnership between De Rigo and dunhill illustrates a deep and on-going commitment to British excellence based on creativity, craftsmanship and innovation.


Sun Collection 2018

The new dunhill eyewear 2018 collection represents a perfect blend of uniqueness and sophistication. The frames have been designed to reflect dunhill’s signature features and capture the charm of a contemporary lifestyle. The collection is designed for both casual and formal moments with refined and elegant shapes. Every pair of glasses is distinctly British and in line with the brand. The collection is British and relevant with understated design and clean aesthetics.  


Optical Collection 2017

The dunhill 2017 eyewear collection is the perfect touch to complete a gentleman’s image with refined, contemporary elegance and understated style. The mood of the collection reflects dunhill’s luxurious spirit and stylistic canons: research in materials, sleek lines, and the latest fashion trends, always presented with a spirit of creativity, innovation and focus on details that are the true hallmarks of dunhill’s style. 

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