When the celebrity becomes the designer. The Mika + Lozza case

If you ask the De Rigo designers to tell you about a particular experience of their work, instinctively they answer: the glasses for the fashion shows with their short timeframes, the eccentric models and the fashion houses breathing down your neck. In fact, no. Everyone remembers what happened with Mika as something really special, unique. Right out of a film. It is 2012 and Marketing decides to follow its intuition: hire Mika, international pop star, as Lozza celebrity. The choice convinces everyone and turns into a partnership that goes well beyond expectations. From singer to designer. Who would have thought? Mika turns out to be an artist with many other passions and skills beside the musical ones. In fact, right from the start he asks to be able to become a hands on part of the project, actively, promptly and creatively participating in the design of the new collection. He captures the beauty and originality of the brand, creating vintage-inspired models in refined materials. His main cues come from the fine wood finishes of the Riva motorboats, from the leather seats and the shiny chrome of the 1950s Aston Martins.

Inspired by these icons of other eras, the Lozza Special Edition designed by Mika is born: three incredible models of sunglasses, in which wood is always the star. But let’s look at them in detail.
Cooper Chic: a classic Lozza revisited with personality by Mika. The chrome-plated metal frame is finished with an upper part made entirely in real wood, as well as the temples. A particularly sophisticated version inspired by the chrome of the 1950s cars and the finishes of luxury boats. 

Macho Poetry: one the glasses that has written the history of Lozza. Its rounded lines make this model decidedly vintage. In the version designed with Mika, the front is made of real wood while the temples are in polished metallic acetate in ocean blue, forest green and intense red, recalling the gleaming paint of classic cars. But not only. This line includes a surprising poetic concept: a secret message engraved inside the temples that reminds us how glasses are not just an accessory but also an object of communication and seduction.

Yacht: a model that Mika talks directly about in this video!

Three models in which the trends of the past come to life and which reinterpret the irresistible fascination of the vintage look, so fashionable today. Three models created from a cooperation, the Mika-Lozza-De Rigo one, as unexpected as it was successful, which left a mark on eyewear fashion, in the history of De Rigo and in the life of those who experienced it.

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