The new Creative Director talks about the future of the house brands

At just 39 years of age, he already has 15 years of experience in the eyewear industry. It is Enrico Furlan, new De Rigo House Brands Creative Director who grew up in the eyewear district between Filos-Metzler and Safilo, with fashion labels such as Prada and then Dolce&Gabbana, where he was Design Manager of the eyewear line. We interviewed him to discover his approach and what is his vision for the future of the three historic Italian brands.

How does it feel to be the new De Rigo House Brands Creative Director?
I am excited: De Rigo is one of the companies that most believes in house brands. I won’t deny that I feel the burden of the responsibility but, at the same time, it is an experience that gives me a lot of energy and desire to create.

When and how did you meet De Rigo?
Everything started at the beginning of 2015. After 7 years at Dolce&Gabbana I was ready for other challenges. De Rigo was looking for someone who could give new impetus to its brands. It was inevitable that we would meet.

What exactly does your role consist in?
There are many different aspects. For Police, for example, I personally design the collections, while for Lozza and Sting I coordinate the work, which has always been exceptional. In general, my objective is to create collections that express the identity and strength of every brand as much as possible.

Is this an approach we will already see in the new Police collection?
Absolutely, yes. Police has a fascinating history, a history that is also my main source of inspiration. That is why we have decided to follow a path capable of strengthening its personality, reinterpreting it with a contemporary spin. The challenge has been to capture the current trends by integrating them into the Police style, to win over those who have chosen the brand for years and new audiences.

What makes this collection different than all the others?
This first collection is a true invitation to stand out from the crowd, a statement that captures the entire essence of Police. An unconventional and daring style that creates, for the first time, a line dedicated completely to women: a feminine interpretation of the brand’s spirit from which truly special frames arise.

Can you give us other details?
The collection is divided into 4 clusters, each dedicated to a different target. In total, there are 26 different models! Extreme attention has been paid to the details, elements which create continuity between the various models while focusing, each time, on the public of reference. It satisfies the desire for creativity and, at the same time, comfort and portability. In addition, we have also created an entry price line, destined for the younger customers, another composed of more classic models dedicated to an adult audience and a micro Discovery collection, with great stylistic content both from the construction and the design point of view.

What are the innovations in terms of materials - technology?
We had the opportunity to work with a very specialised and innovative technical team; there will, therefore, be many innovations. For the entry price line, for example, we have created very slender, lightweight glasses in TR90, a nylon material known for its flexibility, lightness and brightness.

At the Silmo Show, we will see the official launch of the Police collection designed by you. What do you expect?
It would be wonderful to be able to convey the enthusiasm and the passion with which I designed it. 

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