On December 20, 2010, DE RIGO SPA adopted the new Code of Ethics for all the companies of the Group in order to promote a high ethical profile of all relationships developed by Group members. This document sets out the ethical principles which should guide the conduct of employees, managers, collaborators, customers and suppliers and, in general, of all those who come into contact with the business reality of the De Rigo Group.

Board of Directors

Ennio De Rigo Piter

Emiliana De Meio
Vice Chairman

Massimo De Rigo Piter 
Executive Vice Chairman

Maurizio Dessolis
Executive Vice Chairman

Michele Aracri
Chief Executive Officer

Board of Statutory Auditors

Paolo Giosuè Bifulco

Gianfilippo Cattelan
Regular Auditor

Alessandro Bampo
Regular Auditor


With the issuance of Law Decree 231/01, companies/institutions are called upon, in administrative and criminal proceedings, to account for a number of offences ("offences under Law Decree 231") committed to their advantage by their directors and/or employees.

However, companies/institutions may be exempt from liability for offences under Law Decree 231 if they have adopted an appropriate Organization, Management and Control Model ("Model under Law Decree 231") designed to prevent the perpetrating of offences by their directors and/or employees, and if they have entrusted the task of overseeing the operation, observance and updating of the Model under Law Decree 231 to a body with independent powers of initiative and control ("Supervisory Body"),  

Since the parent company De Rigo S.p.A., in the absence of employees, is limited to conducting pure holding activities, while operations are carried out by the subsidiary De Rigo Vision S.p.A., all supervisory activities were entrusted with effect from 20 December 2010 to the the latter's Supervisory Body.