De Rigo treats itself to a new house brand: Yalea

De Rigo treats itself to a new house brand: Yalea

Longarone, 15 June 2021 - De Rigo, the leading eyewear sector company, announces the arrival of its fourth and new house brand. An important project that has taken shape over the course of the last few months, intended to enrich the Group’s portfolio with a 100%-female brand, designed and produced with women in mind.

This is how Yalea came to be, the new brand of sunglasses and prescription eyewear which aims to promote contemporary women by supporting their freedom of choice, encouraging their talent and rewarding their personal beauty. A timeless, elegant and feminine brand that is an inspiration to all women.

We are living in a new era - an opportunity to put personal priorities and social values ​​back in order. A moment in which even the conception of a new eyewear collection can contribute to communicating a new vision of freedom of expression and independence from fashions.

Yalea goes beyond fashion to inspire strength and confidence, combining aesthetic and ethical values ​​with which each and every woman can identify. And the brand does so concretely, in the planning and design of the collection in which the shapes frame the face without concealing it and the styles are dedicated to truly inspirational women. A tribute to women of different backgrounds, cultures, ages and eras, not necessarily famous but who, in different countries and fields, have distinguished themselves owing to their life choices, commitment and achievements.

The idea behind the two women chosen to endorse the Yalea brand further echoes this ethos. Cindy Crawford and Bianca Balti: not just characters but real people. Two internationally-renowned models - differing in age and style - but both expressions of harmony between exterior and interior beauty. Two women committed to promoting a conscious, independent and attentive take on femininity, in keeping with the values ​​that characterise Yalea.

Lastly, the coordinated image created for Yalea embodies the brand’s values ​​in every detail. The logo expresses essentiality and elegance through the choice of a clean and sober font, with a touch of originality provided by the inversion of the letter ‘Y’. The brand's institutional colour palette suggests a renewed sense of femininity in which the nude tones are illuminated by coral-hued notes to symbolise the strength, passion and vitality of women.

Barbara De Rigo, De Rigo Chief Marketing Officer, commented: “Our Company wholly recognises the value of women both in the workplace and in society. My mother personally contributed to the founding and development of De Rigo which, from the very onset, was also characterised by the large number of women at the company. This is why we wanted to enrich our portfolio with a new all-female brand. Yalea is a tribute to the success of women. We have put our know-how at the service of a collection, distinguished by its contemporary elegance, to create frames that are characterised by a style which goes beyond time and fashion".

Proudly boasting over 40 years of savoir-faire, De Rigo - with the launch of Yalea - enriches its portfolio with a new proprietary brand joining Police, ST!NG and Lozza, in addition to the various lines licensed with prestigious fashion houses.

The past two years have been particularly intense globally. De Rigo has worked hard to innovate the business model and re-think its organisation in order to intelligently address the challenges posed by contemporary markets. With this new project, the Company wanted to invest in the creation of value starting from its strengths. Not just skills, but also inspiration, resources and a profound and ever-updated knowledge of the market and trends.

The Yalea collection will be available in stores in Italy and abroad from October 2021.

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