#VeneziaAllOpera. A look at the hidden Venetian arts and the importance of promoting Venice and its treasures more so than ever before.

#VeneziaAllOpera. A look at the hidden Venetian arts and the importance of promoting Venice and its treasures more so than ever before.

Venice, November 2019 - The #VeneziaAllOpera photographic exhibition will be taking place until December 1 at the prestigious Casa dei Tre Oci as a project conceived and realised by Lozza - the historic eyewear brand that has always boasted strong ties with the city of Venice.

Lozza, a De Rigo Group brand and leading name in the eyewear sector, has made artisan craftsmanship and tailoring the cornerstones of its success. A level of care and attention to detail that provide the brand’s collections with a truly unique value: timelessly elegant eyewear made to perfection. It therefore comes as no surprise that Lozza strongly endorses a project dedicated to the Arts and Crafts that have always played their part in distinguishing La Serenissima and its history. The unexpected coinciding of the exhibition with the natural disaster that has struck Venice of late, makes it more difficult to joyfully celebrate the city’s exclusive arts, which have been so severely tested, showing just how unique and fragile they truly are, much like the city they call home. 

The De Rigo and Lozza brands, having personally experienced the difficulties arising from natural disasters, know just how important it is to be able to react to adversity of such magnitude. In fact, now more than ever, we believe that it is important to bring the richness and value of Venetian excellence to the attention of the general public, not simply to spotlight them but also to make them feel less alone.



To give a face to and honour the great professions of Venice, Lozza has chosen to trust in the vision of two young talents:  Giovanni Genzini and Alberto Papagni. Denis Curti, Curator of the Exhibition and Artistic Director of the Casa dei Tre Oci, takes the reins in the Creative Lab. 42 snapshots that show 14 Venetian artists and artisans at work, each wearing the model of Lozza eyewear that best interprets their personality and style. Following on from the first leg at Milan’s new Spazio Still in September, the gallery of portraits has now docked in Venice, where it will remain until December 1 at the Casa dei Tre Oci, the exhibition space dedicated to photography, which is endorsed by Lozza in the context of its activities intended to support Art and Culture. The desire to make Venice’s professional excellences known to a broader and younger audience has subsequently prompted Lozza to give #VeneziaAllOpera a starring role in a communications activity dedicated to the brand’s social media channels.

De Rigo Vision House Brand Marketing Director Barbara De Rigo commented: “Lozza is the jewel in our Group’s crown. Tradition and timeless beauty have always been at the heart of the brand. A combination that naturally brings Lozza closer to Venice and its Art. A unique place in the world that, now more than ever, we are pleased to be honouring with a project that entrusts the interpretation of so much history to the fresh and innovative vision of two young photographers”.

Denis Curti, Artistic Director at the Casa dei Tre Oci, added: “It’s interesting to see how the Lozza brand and #VeneziaAllOpera, in their homage to the city of Venice, have also effectively encouraged authorial research. Giovanni Genzini and Alberto Papagni have successfully united diverse photography genres, resulting in a personal and highly original vision. The portraits of these Venetian excellences are brought together in the style of a reportage and represent the opportunity to highlight the uniqueness of professions that risk disappearing altogether, whilst simultaneously revealing an intimate portrayal of the different subjects who were more than willing to pose for the young authors”.

#VeneziaAllOpera is an interactive photographic exhibition with an original format thanks to the use of specially designed QR codes, which once framed by a smartphone camera, provide access to additional content on each of the Venetian excellences on display and the Lozza eyewear that takes centre stage throughout the exhibition.


The 14 outstanding Venetian realities involved in the project are as follows:

Atélier Segalin – footwear

Ca' Macana – Venetian masks

Fallani Venezia - artistic screen printing

Valese – brass and bronze artistic foundry

Gilberto Penzo – Venetian boat and ship miniatures

Nardi – Jewellery

Il Forcolaio Matto – Venetian rowlocks and oars

Polliero - artisan bookbinding

Marina e Susanna Sent – artistic glasswork

Mario Berta Battiloro – gold leaf

Nicolao Atelier – historical and period costume tailoring

Orsoni Venezia 1888 – furnaces

Squero Tramontin & Figli - gondolas

Luigi Bevilacqua - weaving


We would like to thank Sanlorenzo Yacht for the equipment and Distilleria Nardini 1779 for the inauguration toast.

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