Longarone, 30 April 2019 - Last week De Rigo completed its new project for bringing together school and work, “knowing” and “doing”, an issue of great relevance today on which educational institutions, the school system and major corporations are working together. 

The ambitious project saw the involvement of 212 students in their fourth and fifth year of secondary school in the four biggest schools in the area - ITE “P.F. Calvi”, IIS “T. Catullo” and l’IIS “Segato-Brustolon” in Belluno and IPSSS “Ottico” in Pieve di Cadore - resulting in the concrete inclusion in the company’s on-the-job training programme (alternating school and work) of 13 highly motivated and worthy young people.

De Rigo supplied all the schools with materials for use in the workshops: from parts and raw materials to finished eyewear. 

The programme included a series of meetings in the schools in which De Rigo management told students about all the steps involved in the industrial process and took them on a tour of the company, visiting the various departments to offer the kids first-hand experience of the entire production cycle. 

House Brand Marketing and Corporate Communication Director Barbara De Rigo commented :

“We’re very happy with this first edition of #DeRigoLab. It has been a really great experience in both professional and human terms.  It was really exciting to meet the kids. We selected four schools with different professional orientations to offer the kids an overall view and demonstrate the importance of different skills working together in the company.

We know from experience that one of the most critical aspects today is transferring the knowledge of people who have been working with a company for years to young people about to join the workforce. What is often missing is an overall vision that allows the kids to understand what it really means to work in a Group such as ours. In our project, which we will definitely be repeating next year, we hope we have helped to bridge this gap, at least in part. We’re proud to have brought 13 kids into the company for on-the-job training.”

De Rigo, a world leader in eyewear, has always supported initiatives offering incentives and support for young people in the community to make their dreams come true.

The company has undertaken numerous concrete activities aimed at supporting young talents in their careers. The most recent projects include scholarships for employees’ children and the initiatives of the new De Rigo HEART Foundation, in its innovative A Call from the H.E.A.R.T.H. project, launched only a few weeks ago, offering support for non-profit associations that help young people work toward a better future.

And then there is the new #DeRigoLab: an initiative established to inform students about the various professional profiles in the company and promote profitable combination of theoretical knowledge acquired at school with the skills required for work.

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