Chefs Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino revealed as  the ambassadors of the new Lozza eyewear collection

Chefs Isabella Potì and Floriano Pellegrino revealed as the ambassadors of the new Lozza eyewear collection

Our perspective on taste’: the surprising flavours of haute cuisine and a design flaunting meticulous attention to detail, combine in the pursuit of an all-Italian tradition to be re-discovered and valued. This is the ‘leitmotif’ that breathes life into the latest collection by Lozza, a company with 140 years’ experience in the industry, and most importantly, Italy’s longest-standing eyewear brand. The historic De Rigo Group house brand has therefore chosen a successful young couple currently taking the fine cuisine industry by storm as the ambassadors of its Autumn/Winter 2019 Collection.

Floriano Pellegrino and Isabella Potì, chefs and owners of Lecce-based Michelin-starred restaurant Bros’, are renowned for their cuisine combining tradition and innovation. A food-fuelled pursuit that begins with close ties to the local region and a specific identity intended to inspire a different kind of creativity. Floriano and Isabella, both in their twenties, are now considered to be some of the most influential faces in the industry according to Forbes magazine.

They are currently re-discovering the deep-rooted origins of Salento, the region’s identity and its flavours. The unique products boasting unmistakable flavours used in the kitchen at Bros’, create dishes with innovative pairings that focus on statement tastes and elegant presentation. A philosophy that both this young couple and the House Brand, part of the De Rigo Group renowned the world over as a leading eyewear sector company, have in common. Lozza traditionally creates products boasting contemporary aesthetics and an abundance of content characterised by classic and sophisticated lines, which have always symbolised Italy’s cultural heritage and traditions. A sense of taste and attention to detail that has transformed the Veneto-based brand’s latest eyewear collection into an example of timeless elegance.

We thought that Floriano and Isabella were the perfect couple to reflect our values, in addition to this unbreakable rapport between past and future”, explained Barbara De Rigo, House Brand Marketing Director at De Rigo Vision.On the same grounds, the advertising campaign which has been developed to present the new collection, focuses not only on iconic locations of Salentine tradition - the streets of Lecce’s city centre, an ancient farmhouse in Scorrano, and the suggestive market hall of Le Settelacquare - but also on the place where the creative fantasy of this young couple comes to life:  the Bros’ restaurant kitchen, which is accessible to only a privileged few”.

The smells, colours and all those moments that add up to the realisation of a dish, capable of astounding the palate, are part of an advertising campaign comprising images and video teasers. A fast and modern mode of communication designed to convey storytelling and capture the public’s attention on the leading social media platforms.

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