Blumarine has chosen Giulia De Lellis for a new eyewear project. A special collaboration between the young influencer, passionate about design and fashion, and the ‘Queen of the Roses’, aka Anna Molinari, the brand’s heart, soul and creator.

Working with Blumarine to create my own eyewear capsule collection is a dream come true”, revealed Giulia De Lellis. “I have always followed and admired Anna Molinari; I love her creations, in tune with my romantic and bubbly spirit. As far as I’m concerned, Blumarine is a world-renowned brand, synonymous with femininity, sophistication and fine Italian manufacturing. Creating this eyewear collection has been an exciting challenge, free from all and any creative restraints”.

Blumarine has always worked with Italy’s most current stars, discovering and supporting them through bespoke projects”, added Anna Molinari, Founder and Creative Director of Blumarine. “Today's young women follow, adore and identify with Giulia, including my niece Elisabetta, who has always been one of her followers!”

The special-edition Blumarine Eyewear by GDL collection features two models boasting abundant personality, designed by Giulia herself. The two styles, a low cat-eye model and an oversized butterfly model, are each available in 7 colours, for a total of 14 different frames.

The capsule collection is characterised by an elegant animal-print clutch, a style loved by both Giulia and the fashion house alike. 

Quote: Blumarine Eyewear by GDL 

I was surprised by just how well-prepared Giulia was and by the passion that she brought to this project. Thanks to her experience studying fashion, she was able to personally design both eyewear models, personally choosing the colours, lenses and shapes”, continued Anna Molinari. “Giulia, alongside myself and my team, also defined the entire visual concept; she surprised me with her attention to detail and vision, very much in tune with the Blumarine brand. It was a team project during which various different generations came together to celebrate the company’s DNA, i.e. its feminine, romantic and sensual spirit, yet in an extremely current key intended for today’s young women, who are wholly represented by Giulia”.

 “The aim of this project from the onset was to reach a target audience of young, social women, interested in fashion and trends. Eyewear designed in partnership with De Rigo represents the perfect means to achieving this”, confirmed Gianguido Tarabini, CEO of Blufin. “Giulia De Lellis was therefore the most natural choice owing to her strength, her contact with new generations and her impact on social media. I’m convinced, thanks in part to this project, that the Blumarine e-commerce channel will see further growth, through the use of new technological possibilities relating to social media (Shoppable / Swipe Up, etc.). I think that these capsule collections designed by strong yet romantic women - such as Anna Molinari - can represent a winning format both in terms of sales and image. I would therefore like to repeat them in the future, thanks again to the solid partnership that we have with De Rigo”.

The eyewear models that we have produced for the Blumarine Eyewear by GDL collection are a re-interpretation of the brand’s aesthetic codes in a contemporary and social key, through the style and personality of Giulia De Lellis”, added Michele Aracri, Managing Director of De Rigo Vision. “This project represents a new evolution in the fruitful collaboration that we have fostered with Blumarine over the years”.

To mark the arrival of the capsule collection in stores, Giulia De Lellis will be meeting her followers on 4 April in Rome’s Blumarine boutique.

The Blumarine Eyewear by GDL collection will be available online and in leading opticians’ stores.

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