Designed to celebrate the 140th anniversary of Lozza, housebrand of the De Rigo Group, “Zilo Titanium” is a limited edition version, featuring a fully titanium frame, of the iconic glasses by Italy’s oldest eyewear brand.

Non-stop research, creativity and advanced technology are the features that have set Lozza apart ever since the early days, allowing the brand to preserve the appeal of its collections and to keep focusing on innovation and product research.

Designed in the 1940s based on particularly innovative morphological and engineering research for that time, Zilo consists in two sheets of acetate (made of celluloid in the first version) glued onto a metal core. The result is the perfect combination of lightness, strength and flexibility, making this special product a real status symbol of the sixties and early seventies. Over the years, Zilo has been worn by many sports champions (Fausto Coppi, Jackie Stewart), politicians and film stars.

All these elements have underpinned the longstanding success of Zilo. A great icon, therefore, not just of the Lozza collections, but of the eyewear world in general, boasting millions of pieces sold and a Fashion Award in the 60s, and remaining a truly fashion-forward piece to this day.

As a tribute to this success, it was decided to create a limited edition Zilo in titanium for the 140th anniversary of Lozza. The exclusive Zilo Titanium, available in two, silver and gold colour combinations, recalls the classic lines of the original model, offering the vision quality of polarized “Barberini” crystal lenses. The limited edition consists of 140 numbered pieces in each colour variant, which come in an exclusive case that echoes the brand's heritage and the timeless charm of its most iconic models.

This is not the first time that Zilo is reinterpreted for special projects. Only in 2017, a "Cirque du Soleil" limited edition was designed to support the One Drop charity association, while a total white version was created for the Design Week 2017 project, "White & the city".

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