Longarone, February 23 2018 – As De Rigo Vision turns 40, the company celebrates its big birthday by making a long-cherished dream come true. Based on an idea by the family that founded and still manages the De Rigo Group, Fondazione De Rigo - HEART (Health, Education & Art for Youth) is a new project for children and teenagers supporting programmes for personal growth, intellectual development and the promotion of art, defined as creativity and self-expression.

The focus on people that has always made the De Rigo Group stand out inspires its most important project for 2018. 

“The Foundation is a dream come true, something we profoundly believe in,” comment Ennio and Emiliana De Rigo. “In this project celebrating our first 40 years in business, we want to do something concrete to support the growth of children and teenagers, returning to the community at least a part of what we have received over the past four decades, which has made us what we are today: a multinational group, and the only eyewear player that has a 100% entrepreneurial shareholding structure”.

It is a great honour for me to christen the Foundation with the name of my family and the company I grew up in,” concludes Barbara De Rigo, House Brand Marketing Manager and Chair of the foundation. “The acronym ‘HEART’, which I came up with myself, represents not only the foundation’s mission but the spirit and the passion that has always made us stand out.”  

Fondazione De Rigo’s graphics and logo were created in partnership with Istituto Europeo di Design (European Design Institute) in Venice, an all-Italian educational institute which has risen to international prominence in the fields of design, fashion, the visual arts and communication. The logo is inspired by the metaphor of the hot-air balloon, which needs to drop the weights and ballast that hold it down to earth if it is to fly, and also needs some warmth and a good wind to send it off in the right direction. In this interpretation of the De Rigo logo, the ballast represents the problems that can weigh young people down, until they are given an opportunity to cast them off, leave them behind and take flight. Fondazione De Rigo plays the role of the ‘favourable wind’, guiding young people in the right direction to help them achieve their goals and their dreams. De Rigo’s successful partnership with IED, the Istituto Europeo di Design, was renewed within only a few months, and the institute also designed the logo for De Rigo Vision’s 40th birthday.

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