Police is the Italian lifestyle brand that showed the way in expressing the perspectives and desires of a generation - people who grew up in the eighties and saw rebellion as their raison d'être. From its base in Belluno, north-east Italy, Police has deployed its iconic and uncompromising style to reach markets all over the world, bringing the De Rigo company international success.The world we live in today and the idea itself of rebellion have changed: to meet this challenge Police has undergone a profound transformation process involving all elements of its identity, from the product to the brand.

The design process has been led by Enrico Furlan as creative director, who has shown an ability to reinterpret classic elements of the Police style in an original vein. Alongside the established product lines he has added new collections targeted at the fast fashion segment and, with the Discovery line, has focused on innovation and technology for the higher end of the market. The company has been joined in its brand redesign and advertising project by H-ART, which has overseen a research and conception stage lasting nearly nine months. Following a major international study Police decided to communicate with the rebels in a new voice, inspiring the concept of the 2017-2018 “Quiet Rebels” campaign.

Today the brand is aimed at the Modern Alphas, young people who want to make a mark on the world they live in through their choices and their desire to express themselves. These new rebels challenge themselves to overcome all limits, and their fight has become a form of discipline and a drive for excellence. Unlike in the past they do not want to flee or oppose society, but to stand out within the group to which they belong.

Building on these insights, “Quiet Rebels” is a campaign that has introduced many innovations in Police's expressive codes. The subjects are contextualized, surrounded by real people and situations. The shots are conceived with the aim of celebrating the spontaneity and dynamism of the Modern Alphas, with a preference for natural expressions, while the sets have been replaced by thoroughfares in the heart of the city. This campaign is just the first step that the brand is taking to begin a process of dialogue and collaboration with the Modern Alphas, the people who more than any other will influence the world we live in tomorrow.

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