Pininfarina and De Rigo: Italian design and emotion, for an innovative Capsule Collection

Pininfarina and De Rigo: Italian design and emotion, for an innovative Capsule Collection

Wednesday, 1 April 2015 - Pininfarina has made its debut in the eyewear world with De Rigo Vision, with which it has presented the worldwide preview of the Lozza by Pininfarina capsule collection to the press. This innovative designer collection is 100% made in Italy, produced under the banner of Italian excellence.

It is no surprise that two all-Italian icons of the calibre of De Rigo and Pininfarina have come together, sharing the same core values: with a continuous search of exclusivity, true passion for beauty, and an innovation rooted in tradition and craftsmanship.

On the one hand, there's the De Rigo Group, owner of the Lozza brand; which in just a few decades has grown from a local interest to now one of the most important companies in the "overcrowded" eyewear sector. On the other, there's Pininfarina, which started out in Turin and soon made it big on the international design scene, creating veritable cult objects, not just connected with the automotive industry.

Lozza by Pininfarina embodies the heritage and experience of these two important family-run and innovation-driven Italian businesses. The result is a capsule collection featuring innovative, dynamic designs and strikingly sporty, modern lines, matched with innovative materials, such as aluminium, for stylishly elegant yet exceptionally light and durable eyewear.

This unique and exclusive collection, comprising of five clean and linear styles, is destined to make its mark. The models are veritable objects of design in its purest form. They meet the highest standards of quality and functionality, while also being aesthetically beautiful, for an experience of true hedonistic pleasure.

"We strongly believe in the union of these two Italian brands, each boasting a strong global presence," says Michele Aracri, CEO of the De Rigo Vision. "With the Pininfarina line, we intend to penetrate the luxury market yet further, targeting the more sophisticated consumer with a keen eye for detail."

"The distinctive elements of the Lozza by Pininfarina collection are design and emotion, combined with a strong Italian allure," says Paolo Pininfarina, Chairman of the Group. "These models are designed especially for those who enjoy a sporty kind of elegance; for those who love to assert themselves with a distinctive look; in short, for those who admire and follow the Pininfarina style."

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