CHOPARD jewel frames

CHOPARD jewel frames


JEWELLERY EYEWEAR produced exclusively by DE RIGO VISION


De Rigo Vision has created, especially for Chopard, four unique prescription glasses, reflecting all the creativity, excellence and craftsmanship of the Swiss high jewellery Maison, enriched with gold and diamonds.

The 18 carat gold finish, performed with great care by the best goldsmiths, is set with diamonds. The enamel details are oven baked and modelled four times, for greater brilliance. Polishing is also performed by hand, to convey optimal shine.

All these hand-performed operations grant the glasses a precious and unique design.

Glasses that are certain to make you dream, just like the Chopard jewels.

Mod. Time
Rimless frames with an 18 carat yellow and white gold frame, weighing 32 grams. The coin-like trim featured on the Chopard Ladies Classic collection of watches has here been oven baked at 800 °C as many as four times, and is bordered by Collection diamonds for a total of 0.66 carats.

Mod. Star Dust
Rimless frames with an 18 carat white gold frame, weighing 26 grams, and with "Imperiale" trims, available in two versions: with Collection diamonds, for a total of 0.8 carats, and in pink Opal from Peru, weighing 13.17 carats.

Mod. Tulip
Rimless frames with an 18 carat yellow and white gold frame, weighing 30 grams. The trim, which echoes the precious and creative details of a Chopard High jewellery watch, comes in Rhodolite, weighing 3.66 carats, and Collection diamonds, for a total of 1.84 carats.

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