Mengoni Private Show: the “Mad King” sings for Lozza

Mengoni Private Show: the “Mad King” sings for Lozza

Mengoni Private Show
The “Mad King” sings for Lozza

A great exciting concert for his lucky wild fans

Rome, June 17, 2011 -   It was about 9.45pm, all his fans were cheering loudly, when Marco Mengoni arrived on stage at Villa Ada, a splendid location surrounded by one of the most beautiful parks in Rome which, lit up for this event, created a unique and evocative atmosphere.
He was wearing jeans, a white T-shirt and a green jacket that was a "hymn to nature." A glamorous look that was marked and accentuated by his ever-present COOPER glasses - the Lozza sunglasses that perfectly embody his Eighties-inspired style.
Almost all his fans were imitating his look and wearing Lozza glasses... maybe even that very same model which, thanks to the contest, had given them the opportunity to experience this unforgettable show.

Marco first told a couple of jokes for a laugh, then he greeted and welcomed the audience ... then the music started, and EXCITEMENT immediately ran wild.

The concert opened with "In viaggio verso me" and, right from the first notes, the artist's unique voice stood out, being uniquely able to get straight to everyone’s heart. The fans went into raptures right from the beginning, unable to contain their excitement.
The “Mad King” conquered the stage acting like a true professional, like a star who is bound to stand out and to achieve long-lasting success.
Songs in Italian, English and Spanish, sensual and high notes, movements on stage, for a grand finale of the same-name contest Mengoni Private Show which, as from March 2011, has involved both Marco Mengoni's fans and Lozza’s best retailers, and which filled Villa Ada up with some 2,000 lucky fans.

An exceptional performer, shy though always wild on stage, the “Mad King” is the testimonial of two cult models of the Lozza collection which, thanks to Marco's glamour, have become fashionable again: COOPER, a true icon of the ‘80s, which is by now considered a cult item that has the "Made in Italy" style successful worldwide, and ZILO, the plucky model with a typically-‘70s metal core, a must-have model for its vintage mood.
The relationship between the Mad King and Lozza - the historical eyewear brand founded in 1878 - is in the name of success: Mengoni became an international pop star when he won the Best European Act at the last MTV Europe Music Awards, while the brand Lozza, in 2010, increased its turnover by 40% over the previous year.

Marco Mengoni & Lozza: music for your eyes!

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