The new website posted online

The new website posted online

Longarone, April 20, 2010.
The new Lozza website has been posted online at
The website, restyled by Hibo, a digital company operating in Bologna, echoes the 2010 campaign, with X-Factor winner Marco Mengoni as testimonial, revisiting the sprit of the 1970s in a modern key.
The website uses Flash technology to create a striking visual impact, through modern designs and dynamically fluid animations.
This restyling is part of a wider strategy.
The Lozza brand, with its top testimonial, Marco Mengoni, is set to take the web by storm.
March 24 saw the launch of “Make it possible”, a blog in which Lozza provides useful tips aimed at maximising style, talent and personality. This initiative is supported by a campaign on leading social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube, where exclusive, brand new Lozza contents relating to Marco Mengoni will be published.
Finally, to consolidate the connection between style, music and talent, Lozza is to act as sponsor for the 2010 X-Factor Tour, featuring the best new talents on the Italian music scene in 12 different cities.

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