Sting and Lozza sign a dual-branding licence with Disney

Sting and Lozza sign a dual-branding licence with Disney

Longarone, 23 April 2010. De Rigo Vision has once again turned its attention to its younger audience, with a dual-branding licence involving Sting, Lozza and the magical world of Disney, the undisputed market leader in children’s entertainment.

For its 2010 collection, Sting presents a line of prescription eyewear produced in collaboration with Jonas, the hottest thing in American teen pop, brought to world fame by the Disney Channel.

The fantastical world of Mickey and Minnie Mouse, on the other hand, is what characterises the 2010 prescription collection of Lozza, with its amusingly playful frames.

Details featured on the “Sting Disney” models include coloured stars and pop symbols, together with images of the young band members, and their names printed along the temples, like indelible autographs. Square, tapering shapes and fun bright colours are ideal for young consumers approaching a “real world lifestyle”, based on the cool products that reflect the style of their idols.

Lozza entertains its tiny tots with Mickey and Minnie Mouse, whose inimitable mark - in relief, accompanied by fun pop rings and coloured hearts along the temples - adorns the “Lozza Disney” models, transforming the most romantic Disney couple into the undisputed protagonist of this line. Round and square, candy-coloured shapes make for truly fun frames in which Mickey Mouse, an icon synonymous with Disney, meets Lozza, an icon synonymous with Italian style.

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