Blue look and rebel atmospheres with

Blue look and rebel atmospheres with

2 November 2010

Magnetic and exclusive - this is the new BLUE look of the Website, which draws inspiration from a real POLICE must-have of the late '80s and early '90s: the sunglasses with blue mirrored lenses, a huge success recognized all over the world as part of the brand's heritage.

In terms of content and structure, remains an institutional Website, where you can find information about the history of the brand and its development, the latest news on its collections for a wide-ranging view of the Police world, as well as continuous updates on its network of stores, other than a section including news and downloads. An always popular feature is the Be Younique area, the entertainment area offering moments of fun, games and exciting competitions.

The Website’s graphic layout, instead, has changed: as soon as you connect to the Website, you are carried away by the backstage video of the new 2011 Sunglasses campaign, displayed on the homepage itself, featuring high-impact images where black and white shots are lightened up by one single touch of colour, the unmistakable blue of Police lenses. The image then stops on a frame of the video. The Website's internal pages will also be customized by backgrounds taken from the video.

Therefore, BLUE with becomes a symbol of freedom and life on the road, of a sexy and revolutionary look.

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